Laundry Tips For Families

Learning and mastering laundry tips and techniques can help you conquer the seemingly never ending task of laundry.

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Does it feel like as soon as you turn your back that pile of dirty laundry magically doubles in size?

This phenomenon occurs even more frequently when you have children.

It seems counterintuitive, but the smaller the child the more laundry that child seems to create (well, at least until they are teenagers, and then the laundry begins to explode again).

Laundry tips that help you do laundry quickly and efficiently can be a lifesaver.

I have tried to provide you useful information below, but I obviously cannot have addressed every laundry issue out there. You can ask me laundry questions here, or share your own laundry cleaning tips with everyone.

Getting Your Laundry Done - Scheduling

How often your household needs to do the laundry depends on many factors, such as family size and the age of your children.

The best way I have found to do laundry is to make a weekly schedule for your laundry so you make sure it all gets done.

Want To Learn Even More About Laundry Schedules?

You can check out other families' laundry schedules here.

You can also share your own family's laundry schedule here.

Select Reader Submitted Laundry Schedules Listed Below

Basics Of Laundry

how to do laundry series
Before you can really feel in control of your piles of laundry, instead of them controlling you, you must learn the basics of how to do laundry.

Doing the laundry is a cycle.

Most problems with laundry are caused by a back up at one of these key steps.

Read this seven part series on how to do laundry to learn about each step in the cycle and identify your point of congestion to eliminate it, along with some laundry tips and tricks for families with kids.

  1. How To Do Laundry - An Introduction

  2. Gathering Dirty Clothes In Laundry Baskets

  3. Sorting Laundry With A Laundry Sorter

  4. How To Wash Clothes

  5. How To Dry Clothes

  6. Fold Laundry

  7. Putting Clean Clothes Away

After reading this seven part series on how to do laundry check out this video guide on how to do your laundry.

Sorting Laundry And Clothing

Getting your laundry sorted properly for washing saves you time and money, because it reduces wear and tear on your clothes, and keeps them from getting ruined. Here are some sorting laundry tips to help you out, and some great ideas for how to sort clothes in your own home:

Washing Clothes And Other Items

There is more to washing clothes and other items than just throwing them in the washing machine.

You need to know how to wash clothes in the washing machine, but also how to wash those clothes that must be washed by hand for necessity or convenience.

Further, these laundry tips will allow you to know things about that all important machine in our homes, the washing machine, including how to clean it and use it properly.

How To Fold Clothes And Other Items

Once you have mastered the basics of washing and drying, you still need to get everything in drawers and closets. Learn how to fold various items here with these laundry tips.

Ironing Supplies

Laundry Supplies

Once you have Mt. Washmore under control and know the basics of how to do laundry, you are ready for some additional advanced laundry tips.

Stain Removal Tips

Stains happen when you have kids (and really, if we are honest with ourselves they happen to adults too, even without a kid's help).

Stain removal is based on scientific principles, and no two different stains should necessarily be treated the same way, especially if they are on different types of surfaces.

This section on laundry tips focuses on laundry and clothing stain removal, and gives you laundry tips and tricks for getting those stains out.

Care Labels And Tags

Have you ever looked at the tag on an article of clothing and wondered what it really meant?

Ever wondered what would happen if you dry clean something that said dry clean only, or washed something with a full load that said wash with like colors only?

These pages of laundry tips will help you understand and navigate the sometimes strange and confusing land of care labels and tags.

Mending Clothes

Mending clothes is not really part of laundry, but it is part of clothing care and upkeep, which is also what laundering clothing is designed to do, just in a different way.

Below are basic sewing tips to help you gain the skills necessary to keep your family's clothing in good shape.

  • Basic Sewing Kit Supplies Even those of us who are not avid sewers need to have a few items in our homes as part of a basic sewing kit. See these basic sewing supplies here.

Laundry Room Cleaning And Organization

Miscellaneous Laundry Information

After you master these laundry tips and techniques you won't hear, "Mom . . . I don't have any clean underwear!" ever again.

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