How To Foster A Positive Learning Environment In Your Home

Did you know that household management can be a tool to help you foster a positive learning environment for your children in your home?

Even Those Who Do Not Homeschool Educate Their Children Daily

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This is not a site designed specifically for those who homeschool, but instead for busy families with children no matter how they choose to educate their children.

I do not personally homeschool my kids, in the traditional sense of the term.

However, I do try everyday to educate my children and instill some love of learning into them.

Therefore, I guess, in a way, I am a homeschooler, as is every other parent in the world because children learn at home.

It doesn't matter if we intentionally are teaching them or not.

Isn't it better to be intentional about what we teach at home?

We can even teach our kids with such simple things as a routine family game night for your kids.

Education is so important into today's world that an effective household manager must make teaching her children, through everyday activities, part of your family's daily routine, whether you homeschool or not.

Did you know that academic studies have correlated household order with earlier reading skills in kids?

Instill A Love Of Reading In Your Children

One of the best ways to create a promote education is by instilling in your kids the reading habit.

Daily reading is so important, even at the youngest ages.

Sometimes, however, after reading the same book over and over you are ready for something new. Your kids might be too.

That is why I love to read book reviews for children's books, and share my list of best books for children.

In addition, I suggest you review the AR reading list (Accelerated Reader reading list) to find new books in your child's reading level.

I also have found reading logs to be quite useful as an incentive for your children to really catch the reading bug.

Finally, make sure to sign up your kids for free summer reading programs so they are motivated to keep reading even when the school year is over.

Keeping Up With School And Homework

As every parent of a child going to school knows, school can be an additional job sometimes for both the child and her parents.

That is why I recommend developing school routines, just like your daily routine to make sure your family keeps up with all the homework and school papers that come your way.

This can include a homework planner, homework coupons, and homework charts.

In addition, helping your child develop good study habits is key to their success.

Stay Organized At Back To School Time

Finally, almost every family can attest to the craziness which happens around back to school time each fall after a lazy summer off.

This site provides back to school ideas, back to school tips, and a back to school checklist to keep your household running smoothly while you transition back into another school year.

It also discusses some great back to school supplies which your child can use at school and at home to continue his love of learning.

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