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Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out about your home? If so, take these free home management courses and read these series to get your house in order and your family life back on track.

home mamagement
Did you know that household management is like a puzzle?

Every part of your home life, from cleaning, cooking, laundry, chores, kids activities, meal planning, home organization, decluttering and more have their place in your life.

To have a peaceful and enjoyable home life all these pieces of the puzzle must fit together.

However, you don't just dump all the puzzle pieces out on the table at the beginning and expect them to all fit together, do you? Of course not.

It is the same way with managing your home. You need to work on one piece of the puzzle at a time, slowly putting the pieces together.

Even when you have just a few pieces in place you can already begin to see the whole picture and enjoy what you have created.

That is the point of these courses and series that I am putting together.

This site is called Household Management 101, after all, so I thought these free challenges, courses, email classes, series, and other activities to get us motivated, and using best practices would be helpful.

Of course, there is lots of other information on this site besides these courses and series, but I wanted to put all this stuff together for you in one place as a resource.

Home Management Series

Here are the series I have already run on this site, or are in the process of running, each of which is related to home management. I plan to add more to this list as time goes by, so check back often for additional series you can read and follow along with.

sticking to new year's resolutions
This is the newest series on the site, and will take me all year to complete. Every year we make our New Year's Resolutions for things like, "I will get organized," or "I'll spend more time with my family," or "I'll not get behind on the laundry."

This series is designed to identify the key habits, routines and skills necessary to become a successful household manager, so we can have a smooth running home which is a happy place to be in. We will work on one habit each month so we don't get overwhelmed, and can actually ingrain each habit before starting the next one.

how to do laundry series
This is a back to the basics seven part series I ran about how to do laundry, which takes you through each step of the laundry cycle from gathering dirty clothes, sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting clean clothes away.

This can be a great refresher course for you, or if you are just learning a great way to introduce you to the topic of laundry, which is a never ending cycle in all homes.

head lice treatment
September is head lice awareness month, and the reason for the timing is that your child is most likely to get infected with head lice at school, than anywhere else. Therefore, the beginning of the school year is the best time to become informed about this growing epidemic.

Unfortunately, head lice infestations can happen in even the most rich, clean, and/or organized homes in the world, so it is important to know how to get rid of them easily and safely. This 14 part series on Head Lice Treatment takes you through all the steps you need to know in a logical sequence so you can stop panicking and get rid of those lice.

fire safety week
Fire safety is important in every household, but we don't always focus on it until it is too late. The first week of October each year is Fire Safety Week, and here at Household Management 101 I run a series each year on fire safety, and have collected all the safety tips, videos, and ideas here for your use anytime of the year.

stress free holidays at household management 101
My Stress Free Holidays Series provides 13 weekly challenges starting 12 weeks before Christmas, and goes through New Years, to help each of us have a fun, happy and most of all stress-free Holiday season.

This course is designed to be used each week during the holidays to keep you on track, and as a free Holiday Planner.

I hope you enjoy these series that have already been posted, and that they help you hone and increase your own home management skills and knowledge.

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