Recommended Products For Household Managers

This is the spot on my site where I have gathered up all the recommended products, books, programs and stuff I have found that I really like and thought was useful for you, your family and your household to get organized, scheduled and overall running smoothly.

Household Management 101

I have found a lot of these things through word of mouth myself, while trying to make my own journey through the world of household management and raising a family.

That means I have read, listened to, or used these products and liked them enough to tell you about them.

Feel free to explore the products and resources listed below to help you enjoy, and find fullfillment in your family and home life.

How I Built This Website

Site Build It!

SBI (Site Build It!) - I have used SBI to build this website, and honestly cannot think of a better way to create one than with this company.

I know very little about technology, which is something my husband and I laugh about a lot since I own two websites. But with SBI that is OK, since they have detailed instructions for almost anything you want to know, awesome technical and customer support, and the best and most helpful forums I've ever seen. Best of all, I have used SBI to build my own business to help support my family, and am having fun doing it!

Well, I hope some of these recommended products and resources I have come across can help you in your journey to become an even better household manager for your family, and for yourself!

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