Recommended Reading Lists For Home Managers (And Anyone Else With A Home And Family)

Below are my recommended reading lists, with online book reviews, of books I have found helpful as a home manager, parent, someone in need of organization, and everything else involved with running a family.

recommended reading lists
I am an avid lover of books, and whenever I have a question, want some advice or encouragement, or just want to be entertained I often turn to the written word.

As part of my development and growth as a household manager and mother of three, I have read lots of books about various topics related to running your home, home organization, parenting, cleaning, personal development, time management, and more.

This whole section of the site is a work in progress, because I have read literally hundreds of books on a vast array of subjects, some of which I thoroughly recommend and which will, over time, be listed in these recommended reading lists. And no, I don't own most of these books, but the people at my local library recognize me as a regular.

But, as much as I have read I know there are even more books to recommend and share besides what I have to suggest. Therefore, I am also opening up this area to each of you to suggest more books that others would find helpful.

I have decided on some broad categories that I think most home managers and parents will find helpful, but you don't have to stick to my categories. If you thought a book helped you, but it doesn't fit into one of my categories, just suggest it anyway.

Here are the categories I have made for both you and I to suggest books. Just click on the pictures and you will be taken to the page about that topic. Right now you will just see a book or two I am recommending in each section, but over time I will add even more reviews and recommendations.

home organization books homemaking books laundry and cleaning books books on personal finance

time management books personal development books sustainable living books gardening books

favorite cookbooks parenting books best books for children how to books

e book reviews best audio books best books of all time share your book reviews

What Book Do You Recommend?

Have you read a book that you thought was really helpful or informative for you in your role as a home manager, and would recommend that others read too?

If so, share your book with us here and explain why you would recommend it.

You can share your own recommended reading lists for home managers in any of the following sections:

Share Your Comments, Thoughts & Ideas

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