Laundry And Cleaning Book Reviews And Recommendations

I need to reference a cleaning book or laundry book now and then as part of running my home. Here are my recommendations of good ones, and you can share your own reviews too.

Here are some book recommendations so far:

share your book reviews clean it fast clean it right Laundry: The Home Comforts Book Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets
Share Your Recommendations And Reviews Here Clean It Fast Clean It Right - Mini Book Review Laundry: The Home Comforts Book Of Caring For Clothes & Linens Mini Book Review Betty's Book Of Laundry Secrets Book Review

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As you may know I have several sections on my website that deal with cleaning and laundry, including house cleaning tips, how to clean things, homemade cleaners recipes, and laundry tips. These areas of the site are meant as references for you, to help you with taking care of your home and clothing.

However, as thorough as I try to be I know I cannot cover every cleaning or laundry situation that comes up.

In addition, I find that there are times when more than one perspective is really helpful on an issue. That is why I like to read cleaning and laundry books.

I know, that may sound strange to you, but hey, it's something I enjoy. I want to write full reviews of several books later, but I will recommend two now, even before writing the full book reviews.

The first is a cleaning book, Clean It Fast, Clean It Right: The Ultimate Guide to Making Absolutely Everything You Own Sparkle & Shine. I own this book, and it has helped me out several times. It is organized in alphabetical order and you look up what you want to clean in it, and it gives you step by step instructions. It can be quite helpful. (It does not appear to be in print anymore, but you can still buy it used on Amazon.)

The second book I recommend is a laundry book by Cheryl Mendelson entitled Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens. I also own this book, and it is a great reference guide for knowing how to care for all types of fabrics.

In addition to my reviews and recommendations, I would love to hear about books about cleaning or laundry that you have found helpful. If you have a book to recommend please share it with me below.

Share Your Laundry And Cleaning Book Reviews

Have you read a book about cleaning your home or laundry that you thought was really helpful or informative for you in your role as a home manager, and would recommend that others read it too?

If so, share your book recommendation with us here and explain why you would recommend it.

Submitted Laundry And Cleaning Book Reviews

The links below are books I or another reader have recommended or reviewed. Click the links to see what we had to say.

Feel free to comment on any of these books to tell your opinions of them too.

Betty's Book Of Laundry Secrets Book Review - A Laundry How To Guide Not rated yet
I checked out Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets from the library quite a while ago, and have been wanting to share my book review with you for quite a …

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