Schedules, Routines and Habits For Your Home

Schedules, routines and habits are the backbone of household management.

schedules and routines

If you, as a household manager, do not develop the life skills of scheduling, creating workable routines, and instilling good habits in yourself and your family members your home will never be the true haven it can otherwise be.

Keeping your home from chaos and confusion is easier if unexpected disasters are dealt with quickly and expected occurrences are dealt with consistently, so they don't turn into disasters.

Just remember, that you don't want to be a multitasking Mom, because multitasking doesn't actually get things done as efficiently, and can harm your relationships when you don't give people as much attention as they deserve.



Daily Schedules

Weekly Schedules

More Infrequent Schedules

It can be difficult to remember to do things when you can never get into a good habit for them, say for example if you only need to do them twice a year.

One way to make sure you remember is to use an event, such as Spring Forward Fall Back time, which marks the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time, to jog your memory to do certain tasks.


Time Management Skills

Part of making and keeping up with your schedules, routines and habits in your home means developing your time management skills.

It can also involve just general personal development, to help you break bad habits and incorporate good ones into your life. Here are some resources to help you in these areas:

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