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by Taylor
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Here's a truism -- everyone has to clean up their house, even those who have household help have to run around ahead of time and clean up for the housekeeper.

Here's another truism -- creating and sticking to a routine cleaning schedule keeps your house in much better order than a more random approach.

Routines, instead of being shackles, can be the key to domestic freedom -- to enjoy your home and family in a peaceful, clean environment.

But, even with these truisms, there is no one size fits all weekly cleaning schedule that works for everyone. That is because no two families are exactly alike.

That's why I love to see other people's cleaning schedules. Seeing what others do gives me ideas of what works for others, and perhaps might work for me too.

I am constantly on the lookout for cleaning schedules, and here are some I have found recently, and wanted to share with you.

Clover Lane explains in her cleaning house post some of the tips and tricks she uses to keep things going in her home.

One of her tips that I use myself is to keep basic cleaning supplies in every bathroom (behind childproof cabinet doors). That way I can't make the excuse that the toilet bowl cleaner is downstairs, and I'll just get
to it later because I don't want to walk down there right now, etc., etc.

Next, at A Busy Mom of Two she explains that she keeps her house clean by doing just a little bit each day, instead of doing marathon cleaning sessions.

I don't like marathon cleaning sessions either, and frankly wouldn't have time to do one anyway because I'm too busy stopping and starting anything and everything already because of the kids.

Therefore, breaking it up into smaller pieces is definitely the way to go, at least when you have small children, in my opinion.

Finally, Laurel Plum, from Laurel Plum Online (love her site immensely by the way -- you should really check it out) explains her daily household tasks, and also her "calendar matrix," and what I would term her household "zones" to get her cleaning done routinely. You can check out her ordinary cleaning routine here.

I would love to hear from you about your weekly cleaning schedule, or submit some links for me to share with everyone!

You can also see other cleaning schedules already submitted here.

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