Why Weekly House Cleaning Schedules Benefit Your Home And Sanity

How do you get and keep a clean home on most days without losing your mind? The answer -- weekly house cleaning schedules.

Let's face it, keeping your home clean is not easy to do, even if you have all day to do it in, and who does whether you stay home or not?

Why you need a weekly house cleaning schedule in your home, plus get examples and resources to give you ideas for creating a schedule that fits your home and family life {on Household Management 101}
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Strive For A Clean Home To Increase Your Family's Comfort And Safety, Not So You Can Be Featured In A Magazine

The advantages of a (relatively) clean home are numerous.

Note, I am not talking about a home that is so clean that it could be in a magazine or pass Martha Stewart's white glove test.

I am talking about one where there are not too many crumbs on the kitchen floor for the baby to eat, where you have clean laundry and bed linens, clean dishes to eat off of, and can take a bath without fear of touching something yucky.

The biggest advantage of such a relatively clean house include everyone's comfort and also safety.

Why you need a weekly house cleaning schedule in your home, plus get examples and resources to give you ideas for creating a schedule that fits your home and family life {on Household Management 101} #CleaningSchedule #CleaningRoutine #WeeklyCleaning
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Clean living rooms are nice and comfortable, but they are also important so you don't trip on things and fall.

Clean bathrooms and kitchens are actually very important because you don't want to spread germs around the house which cause illness.

Plus, you deserve to live in a space that is clean. Think about how you feel when you go into a grimy hotel room, and feel nervous and uptight, versus heading into a hotel room which is nice and clean. Which feeling would you rather have? It works the same way in our homes as it does in the example of hotel rooms.

Having A Clean House When You Have Kids Can Be Hard To Do

It takes longer to keep your house clean once you have kids, but ironically, once you have kids, you have less time to spend cleaning.

That is why many new parents feel so overwhelmed with cleaning once we have children.

I suffered from this problem.

For example, I wanted to vacuum my home regularly, at least once a week, probably a bit more often, to make sure the floor was clean so the baby did not pick something up off of it and eat it.

However, as a new Mom I couldn't figure out how to make enough time to vacuum because I had to keep track of the baby, who kept running around and picking things off the floor and eating them!

That is really just a silly example that comes to mind now, because I am experiencing it again with my third child, but you get my point.

Kids multiply your cleaning workload, but divide your time to actually accomplish anything.

Weekly House Cleaning Schedules To The Rescue

Fast forward, and now I have three kids so I have even less time than before.

Fortunately, my home is not a complete disaster area, although I would request you give me at least 15 minutes warning before entering so I can tidy (and also clean up the little bits that seem to find their way onto our floor that I cannot see but that my baby can find in two seconds flat)!

What I did was create a weekly cleaning schedule that worked around my and my family's schedule, energy level at various times of the day, and what really needed attention.

As circumstances changed so did my cleaning schedule, but it has kept things in my home relatively comfortable and safe for the last several years.

Advantages Of Weekly House Cleaning Schedules

I have found the following advantages to following a weekly house cleaning schedule:

  1. Everything that is important gets cleaned relatively frequently. I don't forget something or neglect something too long, generally, to the point where it gets really out of control.

  2. On the other hand, if I already cleaned an area this week and there has not been some type of disaster in the area later, even if I notice a bit of grime I can leave it alone until it rolls around on the schedule again. It is basically a free pass to say, I won't worry about that now.

  3. I don't burn myself out on cleaning by trying to get it all done at once. I just do a little bit at a time and then quit for the day.

My Weekly House Cleaning Schedule As An Example

Everyone's weekly cleaning schedule will be unique to them and their household.

However, I find I learn best from examples, so here is one in case you learn best this way too.

Tell Me Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If you already have a weekly house cleaning schedule please submit it so all our readers can learn from you too!

You can also see other visitor's cleaning schedules here.

To understand my schedule, you have to understand that I work outside the home, so I don't get a whole lot accomplished on the weekdays, but I try to make a bit of progress everyday so I don't fall too far behind. ***Edited to add: If you hadn't noticed already by me stating I had a new baby, this article, while still completely true, was written several years ago. I no longer work outside the home, but instead work from home instead. That means my cleaning schedule has changed some now than what I have written below.***

In addition, there are things I have to do everyday, my daily household chores, such as cleaning the kitchen after each meal, tidy the house, plus I also have my weekly laundry schedule, so I do some type of laundry everyday of the week.

So, without further ado, here is my weekly house cleaning schedule:

Taylor's Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  • Monday - pay bills, file papers, general tidying
  • Tuesday - mop kitchen and bathroom floors, clean downstairs bathroom
  • Wednesday - clean kids' bathroom, thorough cleaning of kitchen, clean out fridge/freezer
  • Thursday - gather and bag trash throughout house, trash cans out to curb (trash pick up on Friday morning, early), clean master bathroom
  • Saturday - weekly shopping/put away, change sheets on all beds, deep clean one area of home
  • Sunday - dust upstairs and downstairs, vacuum upstairs and downstairs, deep clean on area of home

Once You Create Your Schedule For Cleaning Your House Place It In Your Household Notebook

I suggest that once you make your weekly cleaning schedule you place a copy of it in your household notebook.

This lets everyone in the family see and know the schedule, and also lets them participate in the cleaning with you.

Still Want More Information On Cleaning Schedules?

If you are stuck on what you should include in your weekly cleaning schedule check out this weekly checklist for house cleaning.

I have also created a bunch of other printable cleaning checklists you can look at, and even print out and place directly in your household notebook if you want.

Change Your Weekly House Cleaning Schedule As The Rest Of Your Life Changes And Don't Expect Perfection

Over the years I have had to change and tweak my house cleaning schedule as my life changed.

For example, as I write this I realize that since we have had the third baby I really need to vacuum more than once a week because my older kids seem to track in lots of little stuff, like mulch and leaves onto the carpet.

I haven't figured out when I am going to do this yet, but I know I need to change the schedule a bit.

I find it hardest to keep up with the schedule, and to enjoy its benefits, when it doesn't really suit my life anymore.

Don't be afraid to tweak it, or do a complete overhaul, if it doesn't work for you anymore.

Cleaning schedules are a tool to help you, not something you need to be a slave to.

Also, don't be afraid to have different standards of cleanliness during different seasons of your life.

When you have just had a new baby, for example, is not the time to set your expectations that someone will be able to dine off of your kitchen floor.

Be realistic and don't be too hard on yourself, or put too much pressure on yourself!

Homes with kids are never going to be immaculate.

Are you ready to create your own weekly house cleaning schedule?

What's Your Family's Weekly House Cleaning Schedule?

Every family is different, but we can learn from other's examples. Share your weekly house cleaning schedules with us, and explain why it works for you and your family.

Helpful information will include the size of your family, including the age range of your children (you don't have to be too specific), who does what cleaning, and whether you work outside of the home or not, among other things.

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