Cleaning Schedule For Mom Of 1

by Molly

Clean During The Week And Take Off During The Weekends

Clean During The Week And Take Off During The Weekends

Molly has found a cleaning schedule that lets her get everything done, still play with her son, and enjoy family time on the weekend. See her cleaning schedule below.

Molly says:

I have one child, my DS, age 4, and am a SAHM.

My cleaning schedule is:
  • Monday - this is my big cleaning day -- I clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and mop all the floors

  • Tuesday - dust, vacuum floors, wipe down surfaces

  • Wednesday - laundry, ironing, change bedding on all beds

  • Thursday - this is my minor cleaning day, which is a shorter version of Monday

  • Friday - grocery shopping and other errands

  • Saturday - any tasks not completed during the week, and about once a month freezer meals

  • Sunday - day of rest

I also do certain tasks every day, such as tidying up and making beds.

This works best for me because it gets everything done, generally before the weekend so I can spend all weekend with my son and husband without worrying about the house.

In addition, I can do just small parts of the cleaning daily on weekdays so my son and I can spend lots of time together.

Taylor says:

Thanks Molly for telling us about your schedule and routine.

I think it is really helpful to hear what others do to give us ideas for ourselves.

So, do you have a weekly cleaning schedule? If so, share it with us here, or read even more weekly cleaning schedules already submitted here.

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