Cooking 101: Basics For The Home Cook

Being a good household manager includes knowing cooking 101 basics, so you can easily cook for and feed your family. You can get tips, tricks and helpful information here to help you master this critical task.

cooking 101

I am the first to admit that I am not the chief chef in our household. Instead, my husband cooks most dinners, with me as a sous chef and also the person who deals with the dishes, and dirty pots and pans afterward.

It works in our family, and there is no reason anyone has to learn completely gourmet techniques to be a good household manager.

On the other hand, I do fix a lot of breakfasts and lunches in our home, and there are times my husband is not at home for dinner, and someone has to feed the kids! So everyone needs to have some basic knowledge of food preparation and techniques so they don't rely on fast food and other expensive alternatives to home cooked (or prepared) meals.

When you do things you're not comfortable with, it takes longer and your results are not as great. However, with some basic knowledge and practice you can feel competent in the kitchen and turn what can feel like a never ending chore -- preparing the family's food -- into something fun and enjoyable.

Here are the tips I've provided so far:

How To's And Cooking 101 Basics

Tips For Choosing Produce & Other Food

Food Safety

Finally, if you're interested in meal prep, check out this article I helped contribute to, all about meal prep to simplify your kitchen routine.

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