Health And Safety Tips For Your Home, Kids And You

Get health and safety tips that every parent and home manager should know to keep their home, kids and yourself safe and healthy.

health and safety tips

Illness and accidents are a part of life, unfortunately.

You can take steps to prevent many accidents and illnesses though, with the right information and some simple actions.

That is what this section of the Household Management 101 website is all about.

Here is a collection of the safety and health tips I have provided on the site, to help us learn some simple ways to keep our families safe and healthy.

Healthy Body And Home Tips

As part of being a good caregiver and household manager, you need to take care of your own health, and that of your children. Here are some health and safety tips you can use in your own home today.

  • Proper Hand Washing Technique - Teach kids how to wash their hands properly, to prevent and stop the spread of illness
  • Dental Care For Kids - Learn tips for how to develop a routine for dental care with this interview with dentist, and mother of 4, Dr. Jennifer Salzer (plus free printable)
  • Winter Skin Care Tips - with an exclusive interview with Dr. Jeanine Downie, dermatologist
  • How Much Sleep Do I And My Children Need? - Learn why it is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, and how much sleep your children should be getting each night (and with naps) based on their age
  • First Aid Kit Checklist - Put this checklist in your household notebook to make sure you always have the most crucial first aid kit supplies handy in your house when an accident happens
head lice treatment

Head lice are a growing epidemic in this country, and therefore it is a concern from both a health and safety perspective. Here is a series on this topic I have created to help you with this issue in your own home:

Food Safety Tips

Food safety is an important thing to know about in every home, so check out these health and safety tips.

Cooking Safety Tips

Cooking can be lots of fun, but it needs to be done safely. Here are some tips to help you out:

Holiday Safety Tips

Holidays are a time for fun and family, but many of the traditions that we do with our loved ones each year can have some unintended consequences, if we're not safe. Fortunately, keeping safe doesn't have to be tough.

Here's some holiday safety tips for you to keep in mind when these seasons come around:

Safe Home Tips

Cleaning Safety Tips

Cleaning your home makes it healthier, and safer for you to live in, but you need to do the cleaning itself safely to reap the benefits. Therefore, check out these health and safety tips about cleaning below:

Fire Safety Tips

fire safety week

General Home Tips

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