Winter Skin Care Tips For Adults And Kids

With winter comes cold weather that can dry and chap your skin. Get some winter skin care tips for yourself and your kids here.

I was given the opportunity recently to interview Dr. Jeanine Downie, a dermatologist who has appeared on many television programs, such as the Today Show, Good Morning America and many more.

Since at the time of the interview it was 6° F where I live (and is still exceedingly cold now) skin care tips for cold weather was on my mind.

I don't know about you, but when deep winter comes to my area my hands always get very dry, and sometimes even start to crack around the finger tips (gross, I know), especially when I need to wet my hands frequently.

Unfortunately, when you are a parent the need to wash your hands is quite frequent, what with diaper changes, helping children potty, and fixing snacks and meals.

Further, I wash dishes, do laundry, and other cleaning activities on a regular basis that get my hands wet.

I'm not the only one in my home who suffers though. My kids get chapped lips, and also very dry skin as the winter progresses.

Winter time tends to dry out your skin, which is only exacerbated by hot water and cleaning products that contain chemicals.

As a caregiver and household manager you cannot avoid these things, but you can do some simple things to help rehydrate your skin to avoid some of the biggest problems from dry itchy skin that can occur frequently during the winter.

I had personally never heard of evening primrose oil before Dr. Downie suggested it, so I did a bit of research. I found out that this supplement is commonly suggested for skin care and also for PMS.

I may try this out, and if I do I will update this page to report my results. I found it is readily available, from many places, which I just guess I never knew before.

I also can attest that Dr. Downie's suggestion to put lotion or Vaseline on your hands and then wear gloves can be greatly beneficial. I have done that a couple of times, and it really has helped my skin's moisture level.

I've also done something similar, except wearing socks, for my feet and that has really made them nice and soft too.

Finally, I really like the suggestion of getting humidifiers for each room where someone is sleeping in your home to run in the winter. My only word of caution is that you then need to religiously clean out the humidifier so it does not develop mold or mildew, which can cause other allergy problems for your family members.

They have some of the cutest humidifiers available now, for kids' rooms. (I found even more types, but these were some of my favorites -- you can find more by clicking a link below, and then searching for "adorable humidifier".)

Finally, my own winter skin care tips include using rubber gloves in the winter when cleaning and washing dishes.

I tend not to wear mine in the warm months, because the hot water doesn't hurt my skin too much then, but in the winter, as soon as it gets really cold and my hands start to hurt and dry out, I grab these from under the sink and use them religiously.

I just bought mine from the grocery store, or somewhere like that, but they also have come out with some really cute rubber gloves that are a bit fancier. I think they are a great idea to make washing dishes and doing other cleaning chores more fun.

I hope these winter skin care tips helped you, and that you and your family have a safe and happy winter!

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