How To Treat Head Lice Part 2:
Lice Treatment Stories And Experiences

Here is the place you can share your lice treatment stories, read others submitted, and also where I will place some good videos and resources from the web that I have found, which I believe will benefit you.

head lice treatment
You always remember the moment you realized your child may have head lice, which begins a process of events that always takes at least two weeks of your life to fully resolve, and for some even longer.

During that time you experience about every emotion there is, from panic, grief, exhaustion, anger, hopelessness, despair and dare I say it, joy when you finally rid your home of these pests.

I also understand that sometimes afterward you feel the need to share what happened to you, and what you experienced. I know I did, which is why I'm writing this 14 part series on how to treat head lice. Here is your chance to tell us what happened with your lice treament methods, and what worked and didn't work for your family.

You can get credit, by me putting your name at the top of your post, and even a link to your blog, if you have one, or you can remain completely anonymous.

Just remember that others will be hungrily reading what you say later, when they feel the first tingles of panic up their spine when they realize their child may have head lice too. So, the more detail you can provide about your successes and failures, to help others learn from your experiences, the better.

I know, myself, I am especially interested in any home remedies you tried, and whether they worked for you or not. But, others will be interested in symptoms your child experienced that alerted you to the problem, and any tricks of the trade you learned about combing through hair, cleaning parts of the house, or anything else you discovered along your journey that you thought was important.

I am also using this page as a place to add some great videos and other resources I found from the web that I think you will benefit from. I will be adding some things throughout the course of the series, and also as I come across more great resources on the web.

Tell Me About Your Lice Treatment Experiences

Here is your chance to tell your story. Give everyone as much detail as possible, so others can learn from your experience.

Lice Treatment Stories Already Submitted

Click the links below to read the stories and experiences that have already been submitted.

Feel free to comment on these experiences, if you have something to add, or to share your own experiences here.

Can Mayonnaise Treat Head Lice? Yes - Instructions For Proper Use 
If you or your child get head lice you may wonder, can mayonnaise treat head lice effectively? The answer to this question is yes, it can. There are …

"Superlice" - The Epidemic Of Pesticide Resistant Superbugs Not rated yet
The video below is about "superlice," which is the epidemic sweeping the nation of lice which are resistant to the pesticides and insecticides we have …

Lice News - Change In Guidelines For Absences From School For Head Lice Not rated yet
The video below touches on some important lice news, which is the change in the American Association of Pediatrics' guidelines for absences from school …

Head Louse Treatment Video - Good Place To Start Not rated yet
Here is a head louse treatment video that I thought was helpful, even though I do not agree with everything that was stated in it. I'll start off by …

Some Head Lice Books For Kids - Resources Not rated yet
Below are some head lice books for kids that you can read with them, to help them understand and not feel bad about getting head lice. I don't know …

Click here to write your own.

head lice treatment
This post is part of my 14 part series on How To Treat Head Lice. Start at the beginning of the series, and read it all if you need instructions on this right now. Don't panic -- learn the facts before you act!

Next part of this series, Part 3: Head Lice Symptoms - What Are The Warning Signs Your Child Might Have Lice?

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