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See reviews and recommendations of sustainable living books and green living books that can help us be more environmentally conscious in our everyday lives, and share your own reviews too.

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I have been feeling compelled recently to begin living a greener and more environmentally conscious life. I think that as we grow as household managers, and stewards of our children's futures this is a natural step forward for each of us.

It is hard to care about the environment at large when you are overwhelmed by what to eat for dinner tonight, or how to get that laundry pile under control.

However, as your own home comes together you have time and energy to devote to considering your action's impacts on other things, including the environment.

This is not an area where I excel, and I am still taking very small baby steps, but I have been inspired to take these steps partially because of some books I have read recently.

I have really been thinking about my family's food, so these are the focus of the two books I am suggesting now, even before I write the full reviews.

The first book I recommend is The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan. This book discusses the commercial agricultural industry, processed foods, the organic industry and local eating concepts. It is a great introduction into the whole food and real food debate that is now sweeping the nation. I do warn you that you will never look at beef and chicken in the supermarket the same way again though, after reading the book.

The next book I recommend is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, written mainly by Barbara Kingsolver, with additional chapters written by her husband, a biologist, and one of her daughters. This book make you think long and hard about eating seasonally, which is also a topic being discussed throughout this country right now, and also the origin of our food in general. In addition, the book is quite entertaining and interesting in its own right, and is highly recommended.

I will be adding more to my list as time goes on, as well as adding full reviews for the books already mentioned.

I also want to hear your reviews and recommendations on this topic. Like I said, I am really just beginning to really think about this issue and slowly taking some baby steps towards living a more sustainable life, so I would love to hear more suggestions of books you thought were helpful.

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Have you read a book about green or sustainable living and thought it was really helpful or informative for you in your role as a home manager, and would recommend that others read it too?

If so, share your book recommendation with us here and explain why you would recommend it.

Green And Sustainable Living Books Reviewed

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