How To Fold A Pillowcase

How to fold a pillowcase you ask?

Folding pillowcases is one of the easiest things to fold, after wash cloths, because they are relatively small, and a regular rectangular shape.

This technique can be used to fold standard, queen, king and European size pillowcases.


To fold a pillowcase fold it in thirds lengthwise, and then fold it in half cross-wise.

You may need to fold it in half once or twice, depending how long the pillowcase is.

A special touch is to make sure, when you fold the pillowcase and put it away, to display any embellishments, such as lace or other trim, at the opening of the pillowcase so when you see it again it will make you smile.

Fold A Pillowcase: Instructional Video

Want to see how a pillowcase is folded in action? Watch this instructional video (it is a little over a minute long).

You can also fold pillowcases with a flip 'n fold. You can learn more about folding clothes and linens with a flip fold here.

Want To See How To Fold Even More Things?

Check out even more videos and instructions for how to fold laundry and other items here.

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