Folding Clothes And Linens - Do It Easily With The Flip Fold

Folding clothes, including shirts, pants, and sweaters, along with linens, towels, sheets, and other items does not have to be difficult if you use the flip fold.

flip fold
Have you ever gotten really frustrated when your kids want to "help" fold the laundry?

Even though I know it is good to encourage them to help with chores around the house, especially when they ask to, I am sometimes in a hurry to finish the folding so I can get on to other things.

Plus, they don't fold things as well as I do, at least in my opinion, and I must confess I can be a bit of a perfectionist about it sometimes. (Bad, I know, and something I am working on.)

However, a solution to this problem is the flip fold, or a similarly designed product.

You know the weird looking flat looking folding device that has been around for quite a number of years? I have seen them in use in lots of department stores, because they help the salespeople easily refold the clothing for display again.

Until recently I had no idea this device was good at folding clothes other than shirts. Now I know it works well to fold not only shirts, but also sweaters, pants, towels, tablecloths, and bed linens too.

Here is a video that shows how the flip fold works. (The video gets cut off right at the end for some reason, just so you know).

The nice thing about the flip fold is that kids can use it too, and they actually want to use it (at least at first, until the newness of the fun toy wears off).

Even when they don't get so excited about folding it with anymore though, when they use it the clothes come out so much neater that it is better than them kinda wadding the clothes when the offer to help fold otherwise.

Another reason I like the flip and fold is that it allows the closets to look much neater, and fit more stuff in them when everything is folded neatly. That makes it easier for me, instead of having to shove everything into a too cramped shelf.

Why don't you give the flip fold a try!

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