How To Fold A Flat Sheet By Yourself

Ever wonder how to fold a flat sheet for your bed by yourself, when you have a huge bed, like a queen or king size?

I like to fold large objects, such as covers and big sheets working with someone else, as partners in the folding process.

I have fond memories of me and my Mom folding some sheets and snapping the wrinkles out of them, and perhaps when I was a kid I did it a bit rougher than necessary since half the time it jerked Mom's end out of her hand.

Nowadays though Mom isn't living with me to help fold the sheets, and my kids are too short to be of much assistance, at least the younger ones.

Thus, the dilemna -- how should I fold sheets without another person's assistance?

This video below provides a good way of doing just that, and has given me some new ideas about how to fold sheets by myself without having to lay them down on the floor.

OK, I know the guy below looks kinda goofy, but the video is actually pretty good. :)

Another way to fold sheets by yourself is to use the flip 'n . You can learn more about folding clothes and linens with a flip fold here.

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Check out even more videos and instructions for how to fold laundry and other items here.

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