Washing Stuffed Animals - Acrylic Hair And Fur

by Ann

Ann asks:

I washed my daughter's lion in the washing machine that she has had for 18 years. The lion came out perfect, but his mane didn't. Do you know of any way to reverse the damage?

Taylor says:

Ann, I'm so sorry that the mane didn't do well in the wash.

I guess I'm not totally clear about what is wrong with the mane. (Just so everyone else knows this is a picture from Flickr, not a picture of the stuffed lion Ann washed).

Without completely understanding what is wrong with the mane, this is my best guess.

Sometimes with acrylic stuffed animal long hair, like manes and tails, it gets matted down and can be fluffed after getting out of the wash.

You can do this with your fingers, or you can throw the stuffed animal in the dryer, on fluff air (no heat) for 5-10 minutes for fluffing.

Click here for more information on how to wash and clean stuffed animals.

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Photo by TerryJohnston

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Washing Stuffed Animals
by: Anonymous

I always put the animals in pillowcases and tie them shut.

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