Laundry Routines & Schedules For Moms With Young Kids

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Figuring out how to get the laundry done when you've got kids, especially young ones, is a skill that all us Moms need to learn to stay sane.

Real life laundry routines and schedules shared by moms with young kids, to give ideas for what might work for you and your family {on Household Management 101} #LaundryRoutine #LaundrySchedule #LaundryTips
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Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone, or try to figure it out all by yourself.

Instead, you can see what laundry routines and schedules other Moms of little ones have already used successfully in their own home, to get some ideas of your own.

You'll most likely start seeing some patterns as you read the various laundry routines and schedules that have been shared, and those are the types of things that will most likely work for you too.

Of course, remember that each family is unique so use the ideas below for inspiration, but be sure to think it through to decide what will work best for your family and babies needs, and then give your schedule a try.

Once you've gotten a schedule or routine thats working for you, please make sure you share it here so even more overwhelmed Moms can be inspired with ideas that can improve their daily lives. (I'll add the best ones to the site!)

In addition, be sure to check out my article about making a weekly laundry schedule for more tips and ideas of how to get your laundry done, so you can have more fun!

In addition, what might work for one person may not work for another, so I've tried to present lots of different ideas and options you can check out, so you'll find the one right for you. Here are additional possible methods for keeping up with your laundry you can try:
Now scroll on down and check out the ideas from moms with young kids, and see if any of their real life schedules and routines might work for you and your family.

Real life laundry routines and schedules shared by moms with young kids, to give ideas for what might work for you and your family {on Household Management 101} #LaundryRoutine #LaundrySchedule #LaundryTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Allison's Weekly Laundry Schedule (Mom of 4)

by Allison
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Below Allison shares her laundry schedule for her family. I have to say, this seems a lot like mine, because our circumstances are similar -- several kids, both spouses working (***update - I now work from home, but honestly my laundry routine hasn't changed much***). Hope you find this helpful!

Allison says:

My weekly laundry schedule evolved out of desperation. I found myself constantly telling my kids that I couldn't play, go outside, take a walk, watch their new found skill, etc...until I got the laundry done.

And with both my husband and myself working, and 4 kids (ages 7, 5, 3, and 2 months), the laundry was never "done." So my schedule has become:

M, W, F: a load of colors
T, Th: a load of whites
Sat: Bedding
Sun: Towels

And the last stipulation to my laundry schedule is that my load of laundry has to be done before 10:00 a.m. or after 7 p.m. so that I am not missing my children's life because of laundry!

We also only have two laundry baskets; and they are in the bathroom where the washer and dryer are. One for whites, and one for colors (and they are clearly labeled!).

This is a new schedule for our household. It has worked for the past month, so let's hope the laundry success continues!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this schedule Allison. You make such a good point that laundry should not so dominate our lives, or take such a large amount of time that we can't actually enjoy our families!

That's why I love schedules so much, since although they sound like more work they really give you freedom to do more fun stuff when the work is done!

On a side note, I have my washer and dryer in a bathroom too -- which I had never heard anyone else have before myself. I like it though. Does anyone else have a place they really like their washer/dryer to be for convenience in their house?

***Update: A reader shared this comment about Allison's schedule: "So simple, but I have a feeling this will work for me. I REALLY like the idea of only two laundry baskets, although I will probably add a third because I like to wash the toddler clothes individually (he's a messy eater)." ***End Update

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Tashia's Weekly Laundry Schedule - Work At Home Mom

by Tashia Calhoun
(Luck, WI)

Taylor says:

Tashia has found a laundry schedule that works for her and her family. I am so excited for her that she has found a way to make something that she did not enjoy, laundry, into something more manageable, just by breaking it into smaller steps.

Tashia says:

Taylor - I read your article on creating a laundry schedule and had to try it. I have to say...I love it! I have never liked doing laundry, it was always such a drag and there was always so much!

We are a family of 5, with small kids and I work from home, so I do all of the laundry.

By following the schedule, I can do what's on my schedule for the day and then leave the rest. I don't feel like I am constantly behind.

Here's my Weekly Laundry Schedule

Monday - Towels & Bedding
Tuesday - none
Wednesday - Whites & Light Colors & Delicates
Thursday - Jeans & Dark Colors
Friday - Blues/Greens & Reds/Pinks
Saturday - none
Sunday - none

This schedule works for me because I would rather not do laundry on weekends and Tuesdays are my work days and I take my little guy to a babysitter.

Thanks for the great article and for helping me to get a handle on the laundry!

***Update: Comment from a reader: Thank you for your schedule - I like that there is a weekday off and no weekend laundry!!***

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Kristi's Weekly Laundry Schedule (Mom of 4)

by Kristi
(Normal, IL, USA)

Kristi has shared her weekly laundry schedule with us, and how she and her husband cooperate to get the laundry done

Kristi says:

We have four young boys.

We keep a row of three laundry baskets in my husband's closet.

One is for towels and cleaning cloths. One is for socks and underwear and the other is for all other clothes.

Sunday- clothes
Monday- socks and underwear
Tuesday- towels and cleaning cloths
Wednesday- clothes
Thursday- socks and underwear
Friday- towels and cleaning cloths
Saturday- sheets

I have four baskets in use though, so when I take a basket to the laundry room, I put the empty one in that spot so we're never without a basket.

This works well because we don't have a ton of clothes, so a once a week washing won't get us through the week.

It's also much easier to have socks and underwear in their own load. Also, I can wash the underwear load on hot.

It really saves time putting things away too (no stray socks get stuck in a shirt that way).

As far as getting it done, I put a load in before leaving for work in the morning.

My husband switches it to the dryer before he leaves for work.

I put it away after work while the kids are having a snack.

Taylor says:

Kristi, thanks so much for sharing your laundry schedule.

I really like how you sort the laundry as you go, which is easier than having to sort it when you want to throw it in the wash.

I also really like how you and your husband both work together to get the laundry done.

With four little boys I am sure it can get overwhelming if you don't keep on top of it.

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Weekly Laundry Routine For Mom of 2 (3rd To Come Soon)

by Sandi

Sandi has shared her weekly laundry routine for her family, which consists of herself, her husband, and two (soon to be three) kids.

Sandi's schedule:

Monday: Son
Tuesday: Daughter
Wednesday: Husband work clothes
Thursday: Baby, towels, sheets, etc.
Friday: Mom and Dad Regular Clothes
Saturday: Other?

Taylor says:

Thanks Sandi for sharing your laundry routine.

Having a separate day for each type of clothing can make it easy to make sure everything gets done consistently, without forgetting anything major. Good luck with the newest little one coming soon!

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Laundry Schedule For Mum of Twins With One in Cloth Nappies

by Katy
(Wellington, New Zealand)

One thing is for certain -- if you cloth diaper you most definitely have to keep up with your laundry.

See Katy's laundry schedule for ideas of how you can do it, like she does, when you cloth diaper.

Katy's laundry schedule:

Monday - no laundry
Tuesday - Nappies, towels, general clothes
Wednesday - twins' sheets
Thursday - darks, delicates
Friday - Nappies, general clothes
Saturday - Our sheets, towels
Sunday - Nappies, general clothes

I don't sort as often as I used to, but always sort clothes that are new and might run. I line dry whenever possible. My son goes through about 4 nappies (diapers) a day.

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Diana's Weekly Laundry Schedule (Mom of 4)

by Diana R.
(Gaffney, SC, USA)

Diana has also shared her laundry routine, and she has young kids herself. Here's her schedule:

Diana says:

I have 2 boys (7 & 5) and 2 girls (2 & 11 Months), and because we have a girls room and boys room I have found it easier to split laundry by Boys & Girls.

We have a basket in their rooms and two in ours. Our schedule is:

Sunday - TJ & Boys
Monday - Diana & Girls
Tuesday - Linens
Wednesday - TJ & Boys
Thursday - Diana & Girls
Friday - TJ & Boys
Saturday - Linens

I have done it this way b/c my husband works outdoors & since we live in the country our boys can get just as dirty as he does surveying & even if he works out of town he'll have his clothes clean for the weekend & the work week.

We girls just don't get as dirty as they do. This also keeps clothes from piling up in the laundry room by the back door.

Taylor says:

Thanks Diana! Sounds like that schedule is really working well for your family!

That's all the laundry routines and schedules for Moms with young kids that I've received, so far.

Remember, if you've got a schedule or routine to share you can click here to tell me about it now.

In addition, I've got lots of other schedules and routines from other women who have slightly different life circumstances, such as working Moms, work at home moms, homeschoolers, large families, those that do laundry at the laundromat, and more.

You can check some of them out here:

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Comments for Diana's Weekly Laundry Schedule (Mom of 4)

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no laundry on Sunday
by: Christine

Please, no laundry on Sunday-- God knew what was best for us when he said we need a day of rest each week. So you all have my permission to take the day off!

The no schedule schedule
by: Angelmurkerson

I usually lose track of laundry before it's all done, so I sort all the clothes into towels and blankets, girls, boys, husbands, mine. Call me selfish but ask yourself how can a mother take care of the whole family if she can't take care of herself first? I get my clothes washed, dried folded, and put away, then start a load with a couple outfits per person in case life happens and that one load is all I get done. Then get the husband's work clothes started and let them soak over night. I add a coffee cup of vinegar to his clothes and run them through the rinse cycle again. Then go get me a cup of coffee and finish the children's clothes and towels and bedding. I have found that when I collect too many clothes without donating some I get overwhelmed! So once a month I reorganize school clothes and play clothes, weeding out anything torn or too stained. If I can't get laundry done leisurely in two days it's time to weed out more clothes. I use cold water Tide. It keeps me from having to use hot water and gets most stains out without having to pretreat.

Many different baskets
by: Cathy

I have a basket for each wash like
1 for colors
1 for cold water only
1 for whites
1 for towels
1 for air dry only
each child has there own in there room and they bring to laundry room and sort and put there colored clothespin on basket so i can tell whose laundry i'm washing so it doesn't get mixed with other family laundry and it is also easier to wash and keep sorted

large family
by: Stephanie

8 children still home--2 more gone & married. Children begin helping sort, load washer/dryer, push "start" button, unload, fold, & put away some things by 2/3yo. 3yo can be in charge of all kitchen towels & her own PJ drawer at least. Sundays we try to have laundry room quiet, but wet bedding gets priority no matter the day. Oldest 2 girls each have their own laundry day, 2 boys do their laundry together another day, I help 4 little girls do all their laundry another day, and Mom & Dad have a day. (This means there is hope for all you w/ only littles--soon they will do their own & you'll be doing less!) A hamper btwn kitchen & laundry collects kitchen & clean-up towels, etc--that adds up to a load at least every other day & goes in during kp after dinner, into dryer before bed, fold & put away next morning. One more thing--just bc someone generously donates hand-me-downs for all your kiddos, don't keep them all! Sort immediately--be VERY picky! Keep some for outside play clothes, keep what actually benefits a child's wardrobe, but pass on what you don't want or wont' use. When I'm not careful, we're so overwhelmed by people's generosity it becomes UNhelpful! I try to limit how many of each item of clothing depending on kids' ages & activity level. No girl NEEDS 20 dresses!!!

Everyone Has Their Day
by: Maria

We have a multigenerational home with my eldest daughter, her husband and their baby (MY GRANDBABY) living with my husband and I and our 5 adopted special needs children ages 6-15. Needless to say, laundry is epic in our household!

This is a work in progress, but we try to run it like this:

There are hooks for multi-day wear jeans and jackets and a laundry basket for each child in their closets.

Each person has a small basket with an extra set of bedsheets and bath towel in their closet and changes their sheets and towels on their one day a week laundry day.

The grownups have the following schedule in the morning:

Monday: men’s day
Tuesday: baby day
Wednesday: Sheets and towels day
Thursday: ladies’ day
Friday: sheets and towels day
Saturday: baby day

The older children do their own laundry during chore time in the afternoon, with the older kids helping the younger. Keeping each load separate for each child lets me do smaller loads and less sorting and makes them responsible for their own clothing. Each child does one darks and one lights load.

Monday: son A day
Tuesday: Daughter A day
Wednesday: son B day
Thursday: daughter B day
Friday: daughter C day

We still end up doing 3-5 loads per day but we find this to be the most manageable approach.
Hope this helps those big families out there!

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