My Triple Laundry Sorter - How I Use It To Keep Up With My Family's Laundry

One of the best things I ever got to help me with household management was my triple laundry sorter.

triple laundry sorter

The reason I love my laundry sorter so much is because it helps me keep up with my family's ever growing laundry pile.

As I explained briefly in my How To Do Laundry Series, I combine two of the steps of laundry, the gathering of dirty clothes and the sorting of that clothing into one step with this sorter.

Right now, because my kids are little, they don't do their own laundry. Instead, I do it, along with my own and my husband's. Therefore, I personally find it easier to gather up all the clothes in one big pile to wash instead of having each child have their own laundry basket, and doing each person's separately.

We have our triple laundry sorter in our bedroom closet, and the kids have been trained to bring in their dirty clothes in the morning and evening and throw them in the appropriate bag.

One bag is for whites, another for darks, and another for brights, mainly yellows, pinks and reds.

Yes, even my littlest who is just 2 can actually sort her laundry, most of the time, into the right bag. Now, if I could just train hubby . . . Oh well, there are battles not worth fighting.

Anyway, this saves me a lot of time dealing with laundry because I just grab a full bag in the morning, which is presorted, and throw the contents into the washing machine. A full bag is about equivalent to a full load, so I always know when it is time to get some laundry done.

Before using this triple laundry sorter I had to gather clothes from each room, sort them into piles, and then start the wash. It took a lot longer, and since the system wasn't as easy I didn't keep up with my laundry schedule the way I should have.

Sometimes I wish my triple laundry sorter was actually a quad laundry sorter, with 4 bags, because we do also have to have a laundry basket that we use for delicates, work clothes and other garments with special washing instructions. However, I frankly don't think my closet would have room for a bigger one anyway. This size is perfect for us.

Overall the system makes me very happy and if something happened to this sorter I would definitely buy another one because it makes my life easier.

Where You Can Get Your Own Triple Laundry Sorter

My Mom gave me my sorter, and I'm not really sure where she bought it. We've had it for quite a few years, and it is quite sturdy.

Mine has wheels at the bottom of the cart, so I could roll it around if I need to, although I just generally just take out one bag at a time to take to the washing machine.

The bags on my triple laundry sorter are made from canvas, and the hangers for them are removable, so you can periodically wash the bags if needed. I have done that a couple of times, and they have turned out fine.

Here are some similar sorters on Amazon, in case you think this might help your family keep up with your laundry pile, like it does for mine.

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