How To Fold Towels

Did you ever try to figure out how to fold towels so that they lay flat and don't take up too much space in your closet or shelf in the bathroom?

how to fold towels
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It is actually not as difficult as it seems, as long as you keep in mind the thickness of the towel.


Towels should be folded in thirds lengthwise. This allows any monogramming or other stitching to be centered when displayed on a towel bar.

Next, either fold the towel in half or in thirds crosswise. Which you choose depends on the thickness of the towel, and its size.

Obviously, thinner towels are easier to fold more times than thicker towels.

You can also fold towels with a flip 'n fold. You can learn more about folding clothes and towels with a flip fold here.

Folding Towels - Instructional Video

Interested in seeing towel folding in action? Watch this video for more instructions.

Towel Oragami

towel oragami
Photo by kthypryn

I have also found out recently about towel oragami, which is a fun way of folding towels to look like various animals or other objects.

In fact, my husband and I got several cool towel animals given to us on our recent cruise.

You can make lots of different animals. My favorite is this elephant!

There are lots of resources for learning how to fold towels in this creative way. Below are some books about towel folding that can get you started.

My kids love these little guys, and they are a lot of fun to make for a special suprise at bed time.

Want To See How To Fold Even More Things?

Check out even more videos and instructions for how to fold laundry and other items here.

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