How To Fold A Tablecloth - Both Rectangular And Round Ones

Ever wonder how to fold a tablecloth without getting too many creases in it?

This is always something I think about mainly around the holidays when I pull out my tablecloth and hope it doesn't have too many creases in it, because I really don't want to have to iron it.

The key to folding tablecloths is to loosely fold them, not press down on the creases, because you don't want make the creases visible when you place it on the table.

How To Fold A Rectangular Tablecloth

Rectangular tablecloths are relatively easy to fold because you just keep folding them in half lengthwise and crosswise until it is the size you want.

Once you make a few fold it is best to hang the tablecloth over a hanger with a round bar, preferably a rather thick one, to avoid additional creasing.

However, some tablecloths are too big for hanging because they are too wide, or there may be other reasons you want to completely fold your tablecloth.

This video below shows you how to fold a rectangular tablecloth.

How To Fold A Round Tablecloth

Folding a round table cloth is a bit more complicated to explain without actually seeing it, at least it was for me.

Instead of trying to have me explain it, watch this video below which shows in a step by step process how to fold a round tablecloth.

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