Tide Laundry Detergent - Does It Work Or Not?

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

I use Tide laundry detergent for my family's laundry, but I sometimes wonder if it is the best?

I confess I really haven't tried other laundry detergents besides Tide detergent, because it works well for me, so I haven't really felt the urge to switch.

I personally use Tide Free, the one without dyes and scent, because my son is allergic to the scented ones, although I personally love scented laundry detergents for the wonderful smells.

I recently did some web investigation to see if I was missing out on the "best" laundry detergent by sticking with Tide.

I found this video from Consumer Reports, below, which I thought was really interesting. It compared two versions of Tide laundry detergent, Tide Total Care (designed to keep clothes looking newer, longer), and Tide Coldwater (designed to wash clothes well in cold water), with All Small & Mighty.

The comparison was to see which of the laundry detergents was the best at keeping clothes from fading as they went through the wash multiple times.

You would assume that the Tide laundry detergent designed to do just that, Tide Total Care, would be the best at this.

The results might surprise you. They did me.

Well, were you surprised? I know I was.

I may just have to try Tide Coldwater, since it would save money to not have to use hot water to wash. However, I can't find a "free" version so my son could use it too.

Has anyone been able to find a no dye or scent version of Coldwater Tide laundry detergent?

What about you? What laundry detergent do you like, and why?

I know there can be fierce brand loyalty when it comes to laundry detergents, so don't hold back. Tell me what you really think. :)

Please tell me in the comments below, or tell us your favorite laundry supply here.

Comments for Tide Laundry Detergent - Does It Work Or Not?

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Tide Coldwater
by: Anonymous

It's all I use. I do wash my whites (esp. underwear and kitchen towels) in hot water but still use the Tide Coldwater.

Tide Doesn't Work For Me
by: Anonymous

Well I think in my personal mind that Tide does not work for me and my family. I have 5 boys and 1 girl and the boys are so messy so my favorite now is Gain.

by: Nancy DeMaso

It is the best.

Will only use Tide!
by: Me

I do lots of laundry, and I love the Tide Coldwater. It smells good and cleans just as good and I believe better than normal Tide. It keeps my clothes looking newer longer. But, I do wash my whites in warm or hot water most of the time. Tide is all I will ever use! And everyone else in my family will continue too!

Tide detergent doesn't work
by: Anonymous

Tried Tide Vivid white with 'acti-lift' technology, and now Tide with bleach alternative. My white shirts came out DIRTY with both. Tide sucks. Overpriced garbage.

I use Tide regular
by: Bryan Waters

I believe in the video it says you can use Tide cold water in both hot and cold water. Because that's what they tested it in. I however use regular Tide as regular Tide is the original working product that everyone loves.

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