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I've always believed you can save money with homemade cleaners, but I recently came across some statistics in the book, Homemade: How-to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally, a Readers Digest publication, which gave some interesting statistics.

save money with homemade cleaners
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Specifically, in regard to homemade cleaners the book compared the costs of various commercial cleaning products with a similar amount of a homemade equivalent, and the savings were startling.

  • Lysol bathroom cleaner (29.3 ounces) cost $3.19, and the homemade replacemet cost $0.15, for a savings of 95%.
  • Cascade dishwasher soap (75.2 ounces) cost $4.89, and the homemade dishwasher detergent cost $2.96, for a savings of 39%.
  • Pledge lemon furniture spray (12.5 ounces) cost $3.79, and the homemade furniture polish cost $2.08, for a savings of 45%.
  • Windex window cleaner (7.6 ounces) cost $3.39, and the homemade window cleaner cost $0.15, for a savings of 95%.

Thoughts About Variables For How Much You Can Save

The statistics provided by Homemade compared prices in 2006, so bear that in mind.

In addition, these prices compare name brand products with homemade cleaners, and obviously there wouldn't be as big of a savings difference if you compared homemade cleaners with store brands, for example.

Finally, a crucial difference for how to save money with homemade cleaners is that the ingredients you choose for your homemade cleaner recipes will influence the price of your own cleaners. There are lots of recipes with different ingredients for different cleaners so these exact results cannot be guaranteed.

However, what I believe this information shows is that there is lots of money to be saved from making your own cleaning products.

The key to this is to buy certain commonly used ingredients for homemade cleaners, such as baking soda and distilled white vinegar in large, bulk sizes. You don't want to waste money buying little boxes of baking soda, for example.

Recommended Homemade Cleaner Ingredients To Buy In Bulk

Hint: One place I have found that you can get good deals on bulk amounts of these items is Below I have provided the links for some of them, because frankly it can be hard to find it in bulk within the website easily.

Another hint about, is that you really need to look at the price for the quantity. For example, when trying to find good links for you, I saw a 12 lb bag of baking soda that varied from $8.50 (the link I have below) to $21.95, which link I have not provided. (Prices may vary over time.)

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