What Are Your Helpful Household Hints For Families With Children?

Share your helpful household hints with Household Management 101.

helpful household hints
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I love to hear any type of household tips, but especially ones that help you when you have kids in your home.

For example, do you have a special trick for getting your kids to help with chores, or a quick way to clear the table after dinner?

Did you discover a way to get something done more quickly or cheaply than you had thought of before?

Whatever your secrets to success in your home, we would love to hear from you!

No tip or hints of your own? That is OK too. You can also skip down to read the other hints already submitted here.

What Are Your Helpful Household Hints?

Tell us your secret to success, your helpful household hints that allow you to run your house smoothly and efficiently.

Come on -- everyone is doing well with something in their home. Share your tricks with us that keep your household in order.

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How To Swallow Pills That Are Large Not rated yet
I received this tip about how to swallow pills that are large from Barbara. She says: Coat a large, uncoated pill in salad oil before swallowing it. …

Wash Your Hands With Regular Soap Regularly Not rated yet
Auntie E tells us when you should wash your hands. She says: After bathroom duties and before eating anything. Before preparing food. After …

Good Use For Sticky Back Plastic Not rated yet
Having just had my kitchen re-modernized and painted there was precious little space for my waste bin where spills could easily be wiped away. I set …

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