Wash Your Hands With Regular Soap Regularly

by Auntie E

At Home with Auntie E

At Home with Auntie E

Auntie E tells us when you should wash your hands. She says:

After bathroom duties and before eating anything.

Before preparing food.

After playing in the dirt or outside.

Teaching this at a young age will make it become a habit and therefore less sickness will occur in the household and person.

In addition, be sure you use regular soap.

The disinfectant ones tend to dry the skin and remove the natural oils that protect the skin and our health which causes other skin problems in later life.

Taylor says:

Thanks Auntie E for this great reminder.

We do need to wash our hands on a very frequent basis.

That is why I created a page on the site about teaching our kids proper hand washing technique, which includes both instructions and several video demonstrations, including a video from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

In addition, I have read more and more about why we really shouldn't be using antibacterial soap because, for one thing, it is causing antibiotic resistance in some common bacteria which is a bad thing.

It is really difficult to find regular soap though, without the antibacterial part anymore, even as dish soap.

I should I know, since last time I needed soap I tried to make a concerted effort to buy it without the antibacterial ingredients and couldn't find but one choice, which contained a fragrant lotion in it that my son can't use because of sensitive skin.

Anyone have any suggestions on where to get non-antibacterial hand and dish soap? If so, I would love to hear in the comments.

In addition, you can share your own helpful household hints here, and be featured on this website, or read the tips already submitted here.

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