Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Here are some window cleaning tips to wash your windows like a professional.

window cleaning tips
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1. Make your own homemade window cleaner.

These homemade window cleaner recipes will show you how, and they are cheap, easy and effective.

2. If you are washing window screens also, do that before washing the window glass.

If you do it in the opposite order you will have to wash the glass twice.

3. Wash windows from the top down.

The reason for this is to prevent dirty drips on the windows ones you have already washed.

4. Don't wash windows when the sun is shining brightly.

When the sun is shining brightly, directly onto the windows, this makes them dry very quickly, which can cause streaks.

5. Wash windows on both the inside and outside.

This may seem obvious like one of the most obvious window cleaning tips, but only washing windows on one side will not give you a nice clear clean view through the window.

6. Use a squeegee to dry the windows after washing them.

Professional window washers uses squeegees for a reason -- because they are more effective than wiping with a rag or old newspapers.

Using a good squeegee allows you to dry the window quickly, without streaks.

7. Dry each window right after you wash it.

This is one of the key window cleaning tips: cleaning windows is the easy part, it is drying them well which is the hard part.

Drying each window immediately after washing prevents streaks and too many drips.

8. Use an old towel to wipe the squeegee between swipes, and also to catch drips.

You don't want to be caught emptyhanded when the inevitable drips start happening, so be prepared by making sure to bring an old towel or lint free cloth with you at the beginning of window cleaning.

9. Wipe off and dry the window sill and frame after window cleaning.

This keeps the entire window from looking dirty because of "muddy" frames and sills, from the wet dirt accumulated.

10. Be safe when washing windows, and know when to call in the professionals.

If you have outside windows that are very high, you must use proper safety precautions when trying to reach them.

Better yet, pay a professional to clean those high windows to keep you safe.

I hope these window cleaning tips have been helpful. Have fun cleaning those windows!

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