How To Clean Windows With Vinegar

Ever wondered if you could clean windows with vinegar, since this is a more natural product than ammonia or some of the other window cleaners on the market today?

clean windows with vinegar
Photo by D'Arcy Norman, Flickr CC
The answer is, yes you can!

White vinegar is good for cleaning window glass (although you will need to use something else to clean window screens).

Another advantage of using vinegar over ammonia is that ammonia can discolor or damage aluminum frames, if you have them.

Vinegar Window Cleaner Recipe


Mix 1 part vinegar to 1 part hot water.


Place mixture in a spray bottle, and wash those windows before the solution cools too much.

The heat of the water helps the vinegar to clean better.

Want More Information?

Click here for other homemade cleaning recipes for washing windows.

And click here for detailed instructions on how to clean windows, including a how to video.

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