How To Clean A House - Priorities When You Are In A Hurry

Ever wanted to know how to clean a house when time is really tight?

how to clean a house
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What are the areas you need to focus on versus what can be left for another time?

Life Happens And You Don't Always Have Time To Clean Everything Like You Planned To

Although I am a big believer in house cleaning schedules, such as daily household chores and weekly cleaning schedules, life does not always give us the time to follow these schedules to the letter.

The good news is that following a schedule, at least most of the time, will still make it quite effective for you in keeping your home clean.

But what about when time is short, such as when you have a new baby, or a sick child, or are buried at work?

How to clean a house then?

Your Priority In Busy Times Should Be Your Family's Comfort And Safety

When you feel like you can't add one more thing to your already full plate you should focus on the most basic of tasks.

These are the ones that will get you through the hard times without adding to your own stress because you have run out of clean clothes or don't have enough food in the pantry to cook because you haven't gone to the store.

You can wait to clear out that closet or to deep clean the grout in the shower stall.

Focus on the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, and health and safety within your shelter.

When You Are Busy You Should Also Give Yourself Permission To Lower Your Standards

When trying to figure out how to clean a house when you are busy it is not good for your standards to be unrealistic.

If you just had a new baby and are surviving off of two hours of sleep a night no one in their right mind will expect to come to your home and eat off your floors.

In fact, who would ever expect this?

So why do we expect this of ourselves?

Give yourself permission to make your standards of cleanliness lower. Who cares if some dust bunnies are visible or you only mopped the floor quickly instead of down on your hands and knees?

Suggestions For How To Clean A House During Tough Times - Make Sure The Essentials Are Done

The essentials I am referring to are those that focus on the basic necessities of life, food, clothing, and health and safety within your shelter. They are:

Keep Laundry Up To Date

Having clean clothes is important to keep everyone's schedule from being completely disrupted because there are no clean underwear, for example.

Remember, you don't have to do the laundry yourself. You can have someone else do it.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean allows you to be able to provide food, a basic necessity, in a clean environment.

Kitchen cleaning is really an issue of health and safety too, because the kitchen can be a breeding ground for germs that can make you sick.

Keeping it clean keeps you from having additional problems down the road.

Keep Bathrooms Clean

Again, this is really a matter of safety and health more than anything, and also convenience because it is a room of your home that is guaranteed to be used daily.

Have Food Available

This is not the time for gourmet meals, but relatively healthy food should be available that people can fix for themselves.

If you can't go to the grocery yourself print out your master grocery list to let someone else go for you.

If you knew about the busy time coming up ahead of time you could also freeze some meals to use later.

Continue Tidying As You Go Throughout The Home

Pick up an item when you leave a room and place it where it belongs.

Doing this consistently will really help keep clutter from piling up, and it just takes a second.

Let Other People Help You

Share your home management binder with them so they can see your weekly house cleaning schedule and your daily chores, and let them pick a task.

Don't be too proud.

Life is too short to try to do everything by yourself.

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