Printable Grocery List For Families

Using a printable grocery list is one of the quickest ways to draft your grocery shopping list week after week.

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You can either create your own customized grocery list which you then make lots of copies of, or you can use a more generic version that has already been created for you.

I really recommend making your own customized grocery list, but you can scroll down the page to get a grocery list I have already made, which is printable, below if you wish.

How To Make Your Own Printable Customized Grocery Shopping List

Creating your own customized grocery list is actually pretty simple, using the following steps.

You create this master grocery list once and then use it as a form that is tailored to your families' unique tastes and needs.

To do this look at your receipts and past grocery lists for several weeks or months. You will begin to see a pattern of what you purchased for your family week after week, or consistently every couple of weeks, for example.

Next, organize this list of staples and frequently purchased items into a list which coincides with the aisles of your grocery store.

This allows you to go straight down your list without having to backtrack through the store for an overlooked item on the list that was a few aisles back.

Next, type this list up on the computer, in a printable document, so that you can tweak it as your circumstances change but the basics are always listed.

Then, once you have used this form list for a while, and tweaked it to fit your family and life well, make lots of photocopies of it, one to use each week, and slip them into your household notebook.

Each week, put one of the printable grocery lists on your fridge to fill out all week long, and finish once you do your meal planning for the week, and then take the completed grocery list with you to the grocery store when you do your shopping.

Free Printable Grocery List Already Created For You

However, if you don't have time to create your own, or you need a little inspiration, I have created a grocery list template that you can use each week as a form to get you through the aisles quickly and easily.

Click here for your own free printable grocery list (will open a PDF file).

Put several copies in your household notebook today!

In addition, I've now also created a one page printable Thanksgiving grocery list for planning this special meal.

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