Household Remedies For Cleaning Your Home With Items In Your Pantry

Try these household remedies for cleaning your home with supplies you can find right in your pantry and kitchen.

Please note, however, that with these, as well as all house cleaning remedies, you will generally need to give the household remedies more time to work, and perhaps they will also require some more elbow grease than a commercial product might.

  • Clean fingerprints from wallpaper with white bread - Use a piece of stale white bread, and rub it gently on your wallpaper to remove fingerprints
  • Keep drains from becoming clogged with boiling water - pour boiling water down your bathroom and kitchen sink drain weekly to dissolve and flush away all accumulated grease and oil which can, over time, clog your drain
  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clear a blocked drain - use these two common household supplies to clear a drain if it becomes blocked
  • Use olive oil and vinegar as furniture polish - Combine three parts olive oil and one part vinegar as a cheap and effective household cleaning remedy
  • Create your own window washing solution with common household supplies - there is no reason to purchase window washing solution when you can make it yourself with supplies such as ammonia, alcohol, or vinegar (depending on the recipe you choose)
  • Make your own homemade brass cleaner - you don't have to purchase a commercial brass cleaner when you have salt, flour and vinegar in your own pantry
  • Clean your microwave with steam - steam can loosen the dried on food particles sticking to the walls and ceiling of your microwave and make it a piece of cake to just wipe them away
  • Make your own homemade hardwood floor cleaner - if you don't want to buy a commercial hard wood floor cleaner you can always make your own with a simple solution of dishwashing liquid and water
  • Let ammonia sit in your oven overnight to ease cleaning it - Place a bowl of ammonia in your oven, overnight, with the oven door closed and in the morning you can much more easily wipe away the grease and baked on grime, and then clean it with your usual method (not recommended for self-cleaning ovens, and always ensure proper ventilation)
  • Use your house cleaning time as light duty exercise - if you find you are having trouble making time to both exercise and keep your home clean try combining the tasks by purposefully going up and down the steps, bending and stretching, and moving around while you vacuum, dust and mop your home

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