Homemade Brass Cleaning Recipe

Do want a brass cleaning recipe you can make in your own home, that works and is non-toxic?

brass cleaning recipe
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Are you tired of having to run out to the store and buy a commerical brass polish whenever your brass is looking tarnished?

Below is a homemade brass polish recipe, and some additional instructions if the brass is highly corroded that can help you out. Each recipe is made with natural ingredients, so it is ideal for use on brass pots which, after you clean them, you will use to cook your food.

Homemade Brass Polish Recipe


  • Salt
  • White flour
  • White vinegar


1. Mix equal parts salt, white flour, and white vinegar to form a paste.

2. Rub the paste onto the tarnished brass.

3. Wait one hour, then rinse off the paste carefully.

4. Dry the brass with a soft cloth, and then buff to bring out its shine.

Special Instructions If Brass Is Highly Corroded

If the brass is highly corroded you should first remove this corrosion before polishing with the homemade brass polish listed above. There are several ways to do this:

1. Rub the brass with a solution of lemon juice and baking soda, then rinse well;

2. Dip a half a lemon in salt, and rub it on the brass, and then rinse well; or

3. Boil the brass item in a solution of vinegar, water and salt, then rinse well. (Please note you cannot use this method if there is any trim or decoration on the brass item you are cleaning which would get harmed by boiling.)

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