Stress Free Holidays Series Part 12:
Getting Ready For Christmas - It's Almost Here

Below are the tasks you should do this week for getting ready for Christmas, so you can experience less stress now and when Christmas day arrives.

Week #12 of the Stress Free Holidays Challenge, with the tasks for the final push for getting ready for Christmas, and then enjoying the holiday with family and friends {on Household Management 101}
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Christmas is almost here, and my Stress Free Holidays series is almost at an end.

Just like the last several weeks, everything we are doing this week relates to Christmas preparation, since it is coming soon. I know my kids and I are both excited!

2023 Update:

Christmas and the end of the year are getting very close now, we've almost made it!

Every year, around this time, I start encouraging everyone to stop stressing about the stuff they hoped they'd do for Christmas preparation, but haven't done, because that does nothing to allow you to enjoy this time now. Instead, focus on what's doable within the time frame you've got left, and also stop requiring yourself to be so busy that you don't actually enjoy the festive season.

On a personal update, school for the kids is over for my two oldest, and my youngest has just a few days left, so I'm exhausted from finals (and I didn't even take them!) and I am now really ready to slow down, and enjoy a little Christmasy fun, and I hope you get the chance to do the same!

Whatever you try to get done before the celebrations, you've got this! And Merry Christmas!

Plan Activities For The Kids While They Are On Winter Break

How to make Grinch Kabobs with your kids

By now, or soon perhaps, your kids will be out of school for winter break and will be at home all day.

To keep this time of year fun treat it like you would a mini summer vacation, and get into a bit of a different routine with them so that there are activities for them to do throughout the day.

Now, I'm not necessarily talking about you being their non-stop source of entertainment, but activities can be good. These activities can include baking cookies or our new favorite making Grinch Kabobs, working on last-minute homemade Christmas presents, or watching special Christmas movies.

In addition, they can do activities for getting ready for Christmas too, like helping prepare the home for the holidays and any guests coming in.

Remember, even after Christmas they will be home for a bit, generally until after the New Year, so plan some things for them to do after Christmas too, besides playing with any new toys and gifts they receive.

Continue To Get Your Home Cleaned & Ready For Guests & Celebrations

As a continuation of one of the tasks from last week, this week continue to get your home cleaned and ready for guests or Christmas parties you may be hosting.

Get as much non-food related preparations for the meals and guests done as possible early in the week. That may include getting beds and guest bathrooms ready, or polishing silverware, ironing and folding napkins, etc.

If you're short on time for cleaning up a messy house make sure to check out my housekeeping checklist, which lists the tasks you should focus on for hosting guests. Be sure to check it out to make sure you're prioritizing properly now that time is getting short for the big day.

How to clean a messy house for guests

Prepare As Much For The Christmas Eve And Christmas Day Meals Now As Possible

Similar to my advice for getting ready for Thanksgiving, do as much as you can earlier in the week to get ready for guests and the big meals you'll be serving for Christmas ahead of time.

Go ahead and review the Christmas menu planner and Christmas grocery list forms I asked you to fill out a few weeks ago as part of the challenge and see what you can do early in the week, versus what must be done the day of the meal.

Some people eat turkey at Christmastime too, so remember when getting ready for Christmas to defrost your bird in plenty of time. Here is the article on how to defrost turkey, which gives safety guidelines for when to begin defrosting, and with what method, if you need it.

Continue Working Through Your Personal Christmas To Do List

christmas post it note
Photo by Jon Curnow

Last week, as part of our Christmas preparations, I asked you to create your own Christmas to do list with anything left you needed to do, that was unique to you and your family.

This week you need to continue working on these items, as you have time and energy. Remember, if you've bitten off more than you can chew you can always decide not to do a couple activities this year.

There is never any need to self-impose stress into your life, especially when getting ready for Christmas takes so much time and effort anyway.

Enjoy The Holiday Season With Your Friends And Family

Christmas is almost here, so go ahead and go to Christmas parties, drive around and see the lights on houses with your kids, and generally just enjoy the holiday season.

There is no point in getting ready for Christmas if you aren't going to sit back and enjoy it now that it is here!

I hope each of you has a Merry Christmas this year. In addition, I hope with this series that the whole holiday season has been a little bit more fun and joyful, and less stressful for you this year!

Get Your Free Christmas Planner Here!

Along with the Christmas printables listed above, I've got even more here on the site! I've rounded them all up (9 printable forms) into one spot for you here, so grab all your Christmas planner printables here.

Free printable Christmas planner

Tell Me How You're Doing On This Final Week Of Getting Ready For Christmas

Stress Free Holidays Week 13

I'd love to hear how your preparations are going this week in the comments below. Do you still have presents left to wrap, homemade food items to make, or whatever else is on your personal to do list?

Also, tell me how you're enjoying your stress free Christmas season now that you've put in this extra preparation.

In addition, I thought some of you might want to know briefly what we'll be working on next week, so I'll tell you:

  • Getting ready for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations
  • Post-holiday clean up, including beginning to put away your Christmas decorations
  • Think about both your family's goals, and your own personal New Year's resolutions

Previous Parts Of The Stress Free Holiday Series

If you missed the previous parts of this series, you can still jump in. There is always time to start getting ready for Christmas to make your holidays stress free.

Here are the previous challenges:

Week #12 of the Stress Free Holidays Challenge, with the tasks for the final push for getting ready for Christmas, and then enjoying the holiday with family and friends {on Household Management 101} #ChristmasPlanning #ChristmasPreparations #StressFreeHolidays
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stress free holidays at household management 101

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