Printable Christmas Grocery List For Your Holiday Meals

Here's a free printable Christmas grocery list, below, that you can use to plan all the items you need to purchase to make all of your holiday meals.

Free printable Christmas grocery list, courtesy of Household Management 101 #ChristmasPlanner #ChristmasPrintables #ChristmasPlanninguse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

As part of the Stress Free Holidays Challenge soon after Thanksgiving is over, and before the really busy hustle and bustle of the Christmas season approaches is the best time to plan your Christmas meals.

Think about everything you want to serve for the days surrounding Christmas, such as Christmas Eve dinner, breakfast on Christmas morning, and the big Christmas dinner, as well as snacks and holiday treats.

Once you've decided on your menu (you can write out the menu on these Christmas menu planner forms), you can look at your recipes and think through what you need to purchase to make these items. I've made the list grouped into the main categories of a grocery store so you can group what you need together and hopefully not have to backtrack as you grab what you need and fill your cart.

In addition, I've made spaces on this printable grocery list form not only for food, but also other items you'll need for entertaining such as places to say if you need, for example, napkins, paper plates, extra cups, ice, or whatever else.

If you make your list far enough in advance you can start to stock up on anything non-perishable on the list now, to take advantage of any sales or deals, as well as not have such a huge shock to your budget by doing all the shopping at one time in one huge trip.

Here's Your Free Printable

Get your free printable below. Make sure you put it in your holiday planner!

Free printable Christmas grocery list, courtesy of Household Management 101
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Click here to get your free printable
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Additional Free Holiday Printables On The Site

Here are additional free holiday printables available on the site:

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