Cleaning With Vinegar: A How To Guide For Each Area Of Your Home

Cleaning with vinegar can be an effective way to accomplish several things in your home at once, from cleaning, obviously, but also saving money and saving the environment.

cleaning with vinegar
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Advantages Of Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home

  1. It is cheap.

  2. It is not harmful to the environment.

  3. It has basically an indefinite shelf life because of its acidity.

When using vinegar to clean your home or in the laundry it is best to use clear white distilled vinegar. The reason is that other vinegars, such as wine or cider vinegar, can leave stains.

(If you get a stain while using any other type of vinegar check out this article about how to remove vinegar stains.)

Vinegar Cleaning Uses Around Your Home

There are lots of vinegar uses for cleaning throughout your home, including these listed below:

Vinegar Can't Be Used To Clean Everything In Your Home Though

Vinegar is not a cure all though, and cannot be used to clean every surface in your home.

For instance, vinegar does not disinfect, so it cannot be used in that way.

Here are some additional examples of places in your home that vinegar is not recommended for cleaning.

Why don't you try some of these vinegar tips for cleaning your home today!

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