Vinegar - My Favorite Laundry Supply

by Christie
(Sanger, TX)

Christie has shared her favorite laundry supply with us -- vinegar.

Christie says:

We all have SUPER Sensitive skin, and after learning to make my own detergent which works wonderfully, I needed something to help soften it. We started using vinegar in the rinse cycle and it works great!

We have even tried this - put an orange peel in a gallon of vinegar and let it set for a week or so. It then does not smell like vinegar anymore and can be used in the laundry as well as general disinfectant cleaner for in the kitchen!

Taylor says:

Christie, thanks for sharing your favorite laundry supply with us.

I especially like the idea of putting the orange peel in the vinegar, just to give it citrus smell.

I would love to hear your recipe for laundry detergent too, if you would like to share!

Vinegar is great for the laundry, and vinegar is also great for cleaning.

I would caution, however, that vinegar can kill some germs, like any weak acid can. However, it cannot "disinfect" as that word technically means to kill all (or like 99%) of bacteria and viruses.

For more information check out this article about what vinegar can and cannot do around your home.

Do you have a favorite laundry supply that you want to share, such as the best stain remover or detergent that works well for your sensitive skin, or anything other laundry supply?

If so, share your favorite laundry supplies with us here.

Photo by Viewoftheworld

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