Top 5 Household Cleaners

There are millions of household cleaners out there, but you don't necessarily want to have every single one of them in your home.

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Below is the list of the top five types of home cleaning products.

If you have all five of these types of cleaning supplies in your home, either commercial or homemade, you will be able to tackle the vast majority of messes which occur in the common household, even those homes with small children.

1. Window Cleaner

Window cleaner is used to wash windows, glass and mirrors in your home.

In addition, window cleaner can be used in a pinch to loosen light non-greasy dirt on any liquid safe surface.

If you want to make your own check out these homemade window washing recipes.

2. All Purpose Cleaner (Degreaser)

Your all purpose cleaner and degreaser is the main household cleaner you will turn to when cleaning almost any hard surface.

All purpose cleaner cuts both dirt and grease, and can be used to clean up food spills, greasy fingerprints, oily dust, and hard-to-remove dirt and grime that seems to build up on the surfaces of your home.

If you would like to make your own all purpose cleaner, check out this homemade cleaning product recipe.

3. Tile And Bathroom Cleaner

Although you can and sometimes will use either all purpose cleaner or disinfecting cleaner in your bathroom, it generally is also necessary to have a tile and bathroom cleaner.

This type of cleaner is used to remove mineral deposits and soap scum from your bathroom surfaces.

Some tile and bathroom cleaners also kill mold and mildew which grow easily in damp bathrooms.

4. Disinfecting Cleaner

Disinfecting cleaners kill germs.

Therefore, disinfecting cleaners are absolutely essential in every home, for use in the kitchen and bathroom.

In addition, in homes with small children disinfecting cleaners become even more important because small children put their mouths on everything. This means they both spread and pick up germs easily.

Disinfectants are also important in your home when family members become ill, to prevent the spread of illness.

See this recipe for homemade disinfectant cleaner if you want to make your own.

5. Abrasive Cleaner

Abrasive cleaners are helpful to get imbedded, ground in dirt and grime out.

The abrasive particles provides some friction to help physically remove dirt from tough surfaces.

They come in various strengths, from very gentle to quite abrasive. A general rule of thumb is to use the least abrasive cleaner which works in the situation.

What's Your Favorite Cleaning Supplies, Products Or Equipment?

Click here to share your favorites cleaning supplies with us, telling us what it is, and why you can't live without it.

You can also read what others have said are their favorites here.

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