Home Inventory Is Very Important

by Christine
(Albuquerque, NM)

Creating a home inventory is very important for your entire family, but it is not necessarily one of the most fun tasks you can do.

That means it doesn't always get done.

Therefore, I have asked others to explain why it is so important to create a household inventory, instead of just having to rely on my opinion alone, so hopefully you will become motivated to create one.

I asked the question, when have you ever needed a home inventory?

This is a response I received from Christine to this question.

Christine says:

Our house burned down last year, and we lost everything that mattered to us. We didn't have any pictures of our things, no receipts, no record of what we had. The insurance company made it very difficult for us to get our things replaced.

We wanted to be sure that our things were safe if something like that ever happened again and I recently found a web site that helps keep track of that kind of stuff.

I wanted to share it with other families in case this happened to them. It's called e-pact,, and we use it to keep track of all our stuff now. Just hope this is a helpful tip.

Taylor says:

Christine, thanks for sharing this tip with us. I am sorry this happened to you, but hopefully others can learn from this experience.

I have never used this e-pact website, have no affiliation with it, and know nothing about it. Has anyone else ever used it, and have any opinions good or bad? If so, please comment below so everyone can benefit.

In addition to the website Christine shared with us, I have also reviewed a free home inventory software that you can potentially use.

Further, I have a page explaining how to create a home inventory, if you just want to do it yourself without any software.

So, does anyone else have any stories of when you or a friend or family member needed a home inventory that you would like to share? If so, click here to share your own home inventory story.

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