Free Home Inventory Software You Can Use

I have found a free home inventory software download for you to use, if you wish to use a computer program to help you create your household inventory.

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Preliminaries: Why You Should Create A Home Inventory And How To Do It Quickly And Easily

First, if you aren't convinced that you need to create one, please read why you need to create a home inventory.

After you are convinced you should make one, next you should read how to create a home inventory quickly and easily.

So, once you know how to do it, and also why you should, what resources are there to help you create your home inventory?

"Know Your Stuff" - A Free Home Inventory Software Program For You

The Insurance Information Institute has provided a free download of home inventory software called "Know Your Stuff."

You can download the household inventory software from the website.

Please note I have no affiliation with either the Insurance Information Institute or Know Your Stuff, but am providing you this link as a courtesy. I just thought it might be of use to you.

Once you download the program the set-up wizard guides you through adding rooms and items to the inventory.

There are some nice features, such as being able to add digital photos of your possessions, along with copies of important documents, like receipts, appraisals, the quantity of items, and the make/model/serial number.

It also allows you to put a replacement value down, but I suggest skipping this step because the insurance company will not accept your number anyway, but uses its own method for calculation of the replacement value.

Just be sure if you use this program, as with any household inventory you create, to keep another copy of the data in a secure separate place from your home.

If your home computer is destroyed in a fire, for example, it will do you no good to have the data stored on that computer.

The options the program says it has available are to print out the home inventory or have it stored electronically with a program called Vault 24 (which costs money).

However, the Vault 24 website states that it "will be closing all public services and we will no longer open new accounts."

Therefore, it appears you would need to store the files on a CD or other electronic storage medium yourself, and put it in a safe deposit box or a friend or family member's house, just as you would a paper print out.

I hope you enjoy exploring this program. If nothing else, looking at this free home inventory software will give you a good idea of what insurance companies are looking for in case you ever need to file an insurance claim.

Commercially Available Household Inventory Software

If you don't want to use a free program, because you didn't like this one or you feel more comfortable with something you purchase below are some possibilities to choose from.

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