Uno Game - Play It On Family Game Night

by Taylor
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Uno Game

Uno Game

In my recommendations for games for family game nights I recommended the Uno game.

Below is a video which explains the Uno rules and how to play Uno.

Uno is a pretty easy game, and basically the way she describes it in the video is how my family plays, except I am rather baffled by her reference in the video to "points" for various cards.

In my family we just play that whoever goes out first is the winner, and that's it. There are no points in our version of Uno rules.

What about you? If you play with points, please explain how for me in the comments section.

I have to say that my family's favorite part of the Uno card game is yelling "Uno!" when we only have one card left (and catching others who forget).

Another thing my family likes about the Uno game is that it comes in lots of varieties of characters.

Above is pictured the classic Uno game, but I have to confess we have several versions of the Uno card game, including Sesame Street, Teen Titans, and Batman. (I wish I could find the Fraggle Rock Uno I saw somewhere, which was really cute!)

The Sesame Street version of the Uno card game that we have is a beginners version of Uno, that doesn't have some of the more complicated cards, like reverse, skip, and take more cards.

That can be good when playing with younger children, but honestly our kids advanced past that version pretty quickly, and enjoy playing the more complicated versions better.

They especially love to use the skip card on Mom or Dad -- awesome when used against someone else, not so cool when used against you. (But hey, that teaches them good sportsmanship, so that's not a bad thing).

So, do you have any recommendations of games for family game night? If so, tell us your family's favorite games here, or read recommendations already submitted by others here.

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