Turning Mattress Tips: How To Guide & Knowing When To Flip It

Here are some turning mattress tips so you can do it right, and a hack to remember when to flip your mattress, and which way to rotate it each time.

girl sitting on mattress

I've been thinking about spring cleaning again, now that the weather is starting to give hints of warmth.

One of the tasks on the spring cleaning checklist (as well as on the fall cleaning checklist) is to flip the mattresses in my house.

Since this is not something I do every week I easily lose track of when it needs to be done, and which way to turn it each time.

Tips For How To Flip A Mattress

Flipping your mattress is actually an old term, used when all mattresses were the same on the top and bottom sides.

In the olden days to make sure your mattress lasted for as long as possible you would flip it over, and also rotate it at the same time (where you started laying on the opposite side as before by turning it from head to toe), to ensure even aging.

You still need to do this today for many mattresses, but if you have a pillow top mattress that only has this on one side, you don't flip your mattress anymore, but just rotate or turn it only. Any mattresses that are designed to be layed on, on both sides, still need to be flipped over, along with turning it.

Many mattresses, especially double or larger ones, are quite heavy, so get someone to help you if you need it. Definitely don't try to tackle it on your own and hurt yourself in the process!

It is optimal to turn you mattress 2-4 times a year, at regular intervals. (Always read the instructions on your actual mattress though, and follow the directions given for your exact brand and model.) I suggest during spring cleaning, fall cleaning, and two other times during the year in between these times.

While you are already dealing with your mattresses it is also a great time to vacuum it, and wash all the bedding, including dust ruffles, decorative pillows and pillowcases, and mattress covers.

Also, if it is a sunny day, and you have a strong helper, dragging your mattress outside to sun for a couple of hours can really help air it out and kill dust mites. (Just make sure to place it in a clean dry location, and don't let it get wet.)

Turning Mattress Hack: How To Keep Track Of Which Way It Needs To Be Turned

Because mattress rotation and flipping isn't something you do often in your home it is quite easy to lose track of which way it needs to be flipped next time.

Here is a quick turning mattress tip for how to remember this, by safety pinning some helpful cards directly onto your mattress.

Below is a picture of two index cards I created for my mattress, along with the safety pins I used to pin them onto the head and foot of the mattress.

mattress flipping cards

These cards remind me of which month I've chosen to flip my mattress. You can choose whatever months you want, as long as they are an equal interval apart.

When the appropriate month for mattress turning occurs in your home routine just make sure you flip and turn the mattress so that the month's name is right side up at the foot of your bed.

Voila -- an easy way to stop trying to remember little bits of random information in your brain about turning a mattress, and putting it down on paper where you can find it when you really need it.

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