Strategy To Stop Multitasking - Involve Your Child

by Patricia Hines
(Newark, AR)

Patricia has given some great ideas for how she tries not to be a multitasking mom, but still get housework done.

Patricia says:

Kids and interruptions are a given so involve your child as much as possible.

I am the mom of a special needs child, so her needs and demands seemed endless, especially when she was young.

I tried to keep her close to me and would sing or tell her stories while I did the household tasks that needed to be done, but didn't require my full attention;unlike cooking at the stove or weren't noisy such as vacuuming.

We played many a game of patty-cake while folding laundry, and practiced counting while putting silverware away.

It wasn't perfect, but I was able to attend to her needs and still get the majority of my household duties done.

This enabled me to even sneak in a nap when she did, since she didn't sleep much during the night. I felt little stress over the situation because I felt that I was giving both my daughter and the house adequate quality time.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your strategies.

It is always difficult with any kids to get housework done, and still take care of them with their constant interruptions and needs.

I like your idea of playing with the children while doing background tasks, such as folding laundry and other routine tasks that we could almost do in our sleep anyway.

Anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions for how to avoid being a multitasking mom?

If so, submit your ideas here.

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