Spring Cleaning Tips - Getting Ready For The Big Clean

Follow these spring cleaning tips to successfully plan and execute your personalized spring cleaning list.

spring cleaning tips
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Preparing ahead of time for your spring cleaning can make the difference between a pleasant experience and one that is frustrating and nonproductive.

My Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Get Ready For The Big Cleaning Event

1. Set aside enough time to accomplish all you have planned.

Don't create a three page detailed list for the kitchen and plan to spend 2 hours doing it. You will only get frustrated because you will pull everything out just when you need to move on, and everything will be in a worse state than before.

Clear your calendar for the proper amount of time you need, and treat that time as sacred as any other appointment.

2. Make appointments and reservations ahead of time.

If you need to rent a carpet cleaner, or are going to call professionals to clean your upholstery, for example, then go ahead and call them and set this up ahead of time to make sure your plan fits other people's schedules.

Do the same with family members who you will need to help you with various tasks, such as moving furniture and appliances.

3. Gather all your supplies and equipment before you begin.

There is nothing worse than getting ready to use a product and realizing you are almost out and will need to run to the store for more, or to get ready to use equipment and find out it is broken and in need of repair.

Check your cleaning supplies and purchase any additional items during your normal shopping trip instead of having to make a special trip.

Also, check all equipment for wear and tear and have items repaired or serviced ahead of time, if necessary.

4. Gather boxes and bags for decluttering.

Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of a lot of extra stuff that has accumulated in your home over the past year. Make sure you can easily get rid of it all by getting lots of containers to put it in.

You may even need to rent a dumpster or a U-Haul to take large items, such as furniture, to a donation site or the dump.

5. Set up an upbeat music play list for while you clean.

Spring cleaning can get pretty tiring so set yourself up for success by getting music that makes you happy and energetic to listen to while you work.

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