Sorry Sliders - Play It With Your Kids!

by Taylor

Sorry Sliders

Sorry Sliders

Another fun game for family game night is Sorry Sliders.

The game Sorry Sliders has actually nothing to do with the game Sorry, other than you have the opportunity to say "Sorry" to your opponents while you play it.

Here is an excellent video review of Sorry Sliders, including the rules of the game, and how it differs from the game Sorry.

This video is helpful, in my opinion, for understanding if your kids would like the game or not, because it is made by the father of six who runs the website, The Dice Tower.

He reviews this game with one of his daughters, who likes the game so much it was listed within her Top 100 games.

Sorry Sliders would be a good game for many ages to play on family game night, because it is more of a dexterity game which puts kids and adults on a more even playing field at earlier ages than some strategy games.

So, do you have any recommendations for family game night? If so, submit your game recommendations here.

In addition, you can read about games already recommended by others here.

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