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Personal finance blogs have become even more popular with the bad turn in the economy.

personal finance blogs
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But which ones should you turn to for advice? After all, so many financial forecasts from "gurus" turned out to be all wrong.

Here at Household Management 101, I know that household management encompasses a lot more of life than just cleaning and organizing.

Being an effective household manager includes being in control of you and your family's personal finances.

Therefore, here is a list of some of my favorite personal finance blogs, and a description of what I like about them so you can check them out for yourself.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is written by J.D., and he is married with no children.

I first caught notice of his blog because he loves comic books, just like my husband.

However, I stayed and read because J.D. often discusses some of the more thought provoking parts of personal finance, such as how personal goals, beliefs and habits impact our personal bottom line.

J.D. advocates getting out of debt, and then staying out of debt, but this blog is really more for people that have already passed this step, I think.

J.D.'s focus now is on building your personal wealth slowly and ethically through spending less than you earn and proper investing, but he also advocates using your money to help you enjoy your life.

Because he does not have any kids, you do not see much discussion on this blog about how kids impact your finances though.

However, overall this is one great personal finance blog!

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is written by Trent, and he posts frequently on how to get and stay out of debt.

I also personally like his book reviews, which help me keep up to date with all the new financial books out there.

He also has a great series, 31 Days To Fix Your Finances, which you can get for free on his website (if you want it in PDF and not click all the links individually you will need to pay a nominal fee of $2.00).

No Credit Needed

No Credit Needed is written by NCN, a married man with three young kids, so he definitely knows what raising young kids is like in today's economy.

The tag line of his blog is "Debt Reduction Rocks -- We Are Living Debt Free," and that really explains a lot about his philosophy.

He advocates not using credit cards at all, which I am not sure I agree with, but he does make a compelling point that has helped me rethink our society's reliance on debt.

He also has a really good section to check out if you are currently in debt, Debt Reduction 101, which I think is quite useful.

If you think some more personal finance blogs should be added to this list, contact me and I'll check out what you recommend. I'm always interested in finding great, well written blogs and other resources about personal finances.

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