Mr. Clean Magic Eraser For Cleaning Pen Off Walls

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - A Miracle Worker!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - A Miracle Worker!

I always want to know, what is your favorite cleaning supply?

That is because I'm always on the look out for a new (at least to me) cleaning product to help make it easier to clean my home.

At the blog, The Ducklings Heather explained how she got rid of the dreaded event - pen marks on the wall.

You know every child has done it (or at least tried, while you notice and quickly grab that pen out of their sweet little hand).

The solution that Heather had for her painted wall was to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of those pen marks.

Check out her blog post to see the before picture.

Do you use the Magic Eraser for anything? If so, please tell us more about how you use it in the comments, or on your very own page explaining your favorite cleaning supply.

I myself sometimes use the Magic Eraser (actually a generic version of it) to clean my shower if it has gotten pretty gross from inattention.

I have found, however, when I use the Magic Eraser that I need to wear gloves, so it doesn't hurt my hands, and to be careful about touching around my eyes until I'm done using it.

What about you? Tell us in the comments!

In addition, you can see other people's favorite cleaning supplies here.

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