Mommas Early Bird Routine

by Pamela

Making Coffee - Part Of The Morning Routine

Making Coffee - Part Of The Morning Routine

Pamela has shared her morning routine with us, which includes part of her daily chores and laundry routine.

Pamela says:

Every morning I begin my day like this...

1. Get dressed, fix my hair, and brush my teeth.

2. Day One: Wash a load of clothes.

Day Two: Dry the load of clothes.

Day Three: Fold clothes and place in stacks for each member of the family. Hang clothes on hangers and place on clothes rack in laundry room. Start new load of wash in washer.

Day Four: Dry the load of clothes. (This keeps repeating)...My family picks up their clean clothes when they do their chores. They also bring their empty clothes hangers to the laundry room or they know that they will have to hang all their clothes.

3. Start coffee.

4. Cook breakfast.

5. Wake up family.

Then chaos abounds. :) I am currently working on the rest of my day.

This morning routine has kept all my laundry clean or at least manageable.

Every once in awhile I find that I don't have enough laundry to wash that day.

We are a family of five (2 adults, 11yr, 9yr, and 5mth old).

Taylor says:

Thanks Pamela for sharing your routine with us.

Do you have a daily cleaning schedule or morning routine to share? If so, share it here, or read other schedules already submitted here.

Photo by Kvasov Andrey

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