Lisa's Bright Start in Switzerland - Mother Of 3 Young Kids' Routines For Morning, Afternoon & Evening

by Lisa

I have asked for readers to share their routines, and daily schedules with me since I think lots of examples can really help all of us get ideas for what might work for us. Lisa has shared hers:

Lisa says:

Being the mother of 3 kids aged 0 to 4 years, it is quite a challenge keeping our heavily used apartment in a state that is neat, warm and welcoming for ourselves and our visitors.

I'm gently building up daily, weekly and monthly routines, but it is taking time to figure out what works best for all of us. For now our morning routine looks like this:
  • Get up, get everyone dressed

  • Make all beds, put away clothes

  • Have breakfast

  • Empty dishwasher, tidy up and quick clean kitchen sink, table and counter

  • Wipe bathroom sink and toilet, open window to air
My afternoon routine, when kiddiwinks nos 2 and 3 are napping:
  • Tidy for 5 minutes in office

  • Hotspots

  • Answer e-mails
Our evening routine:
  • Quick tidy in living room and kids' room

  • Brush teeth

Taylor says:

Lisa, thanks so much for sharing your daily routines and schedule with us. Having three kids under 4 can be a lot of work, but it sounds like you are keeping things under control with consistency, and just putting in the time needed.

If you want to see even more schedules that have already been shared you can click here.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

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