Laundry Room Organizer: Wall Mounted Collapsible Hanger

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

When you take out clothes from the dryer many of them need to get hung up right away, but if there is no place to hang them in your laundry room it can be inconvenient. This can lead to wrinkled clothing, and more time ironing clothes.

This product mounts on your wall in your laundry room to create a folding arm which opens up to allow you to hang clothing on it, when needed. This solves this problem without taking up much space.

It can also be useful when you need to hang certain clothing up to air dry. This product gives you a place to hang that clothing that is very convenient after taking it out of the washing machine.

Although my first thought was to recommend this product for your laundry room, it would also be a great addition to your closet, to allow you to hang out your clothing for the next day, or when getting ready for a trip.

This is an alternative product to the over the door hangers which also provides additional clothes hanging space in either your laundry room or closet. The difference, of course, is the way the two are mounted, with this version being mounted to the wall instead of onto the door.

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I love mine!
by: Melanie

I have one and if I didn't I would have wrinkled clothes ALL the time! I love it!

Love mine too!
by: Jodi

I have one of these. I, too, have a small room so this is the perfect size. It folds down when not in use, but in my house, it's always in use! I say it's a small investment worth every dime...

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